Mark Tremonti is a force to be reckoned with in the hard rock world. His career blossomed early as the lead guitarist of Creed, which lead to a Grammy Award and later, three consecutive years as Guitar World's "Guitarist of the Year." Today, Tremonti's hard work and thunderous riffs continue as he fronts rock bands Alter Bridge and Tremonti.

Mark has been a longtime endorser of PRS, currently sporting three signature guitar models, the core Tremonti Signature, SE Mark Tremonti, and the SE Tremonti Standard. Recently, Mark announced his first signature amplifier, the MT-15.

5 Minutes with Mark

PRS: You just finished the touring cycle for The Last Hero – how long were you guys on the road?

MT: We’ve been on tour with The Last Hero since the Summer of 2016. It just wrapped up before the Holidays.

PRS: Is touring Europe any different than here in the States?

MT: Rock and roll seems to be thriving a bit more at the moment in Europe. Festivals and shows tend to pull bigger numbers and turnouts.

PRS: Do you have a certain practice routine or schedule when on the road?

MT: On show days, I start my day with a guitar clinic so I’m already having to warm up pretty early in the day - around 2PM. I roll right into soundcheck after that, so other than dinner, I’m pretty much playing guitar from 2PM through showtime.

PRS: How is the recording coming along for the new Tremonti album?

MT: We are just about to start pre-production - so we are getting ready to do the final arrangements on the tunes and get going.

PRS: You guys [Tremonti] are playing some big festivals this year, correct?

MT: Yeah, we’re signing up for as many as we can and on the 15th (January), we’re going to be announcing a big tour that we are really excited about.

PRS: Can we expect any club dates?

MT: Yeah, we’ll be doing a mixture of festivals and headlining shows.

PRS: Who are your biggest musical influences?

MT: I’d say Metallica and Slayer. I’m a mixture between speed metal and 70’s rock so I love Rod Stewart, Gerry Rafferty and Bruce Hornsby. Mix that with speed metal and that’s who I am in a nutshell.

PRS: If you had to name one song (or record) that changed your life as a guitar player, what would it be?

MT: Reign In Blood (Slayer) was probably my favorite riff record of all of the metal records.

PRS: Are there any guitarists out there that you’ve been in to lately?

MT: I’m really digging Shawn Tubbs at the moment, I also love Derek Trucks, Joe Bonamassa, and Mateus Asato.

PRS: What do enjoy doing when you’re not writing, recording, or touring?

MT: I just enjoy playing soccer with my kids, mostly just being daddy and husband traveling around with them.

PRS: Last but not least, tell us a little about your new MT-15 signature amplifier.

MT: I’m an amp fanatic and the MT-15 is the realization of years of obsessing with amps and voicing one of my own. Price-wise, it’s a great guitar amp, but it’s also an amp that I enjoy just as much as any of my high-end boutique amps.

Check out the video below as Mark Tremonti teaches his solo on "My Last Mistake," a single from Tremonti's 3rd record, Dust..

Tremonti - "My Last Mistake"