"You need a guitar you can trust. For me, it’s my PRS S2 Custom 22 Semi-Hollow. Having a workhorse that not only sounds great but can withstand the abuse of a live show is a must. One-hundred-percent faith in an instrument is rare, and everyone is different, but when you discover that instrument, you’re onto a great thing. Find it and keep it. It will make your touring life immeasurably more rewarding." - Si Delaney


Guitarist and PRS artist Si Delaney tears up the stage for the English rock band Don Broco. Formed in 2008, Don Broco seamlessly blend alternative rock and pop punk all while throwing a party on stage during performances across the US, UK, and more.

This summer Don Broco will be taking part in Vans Warped Tour's final full cross country tour.

5 Minutes with Si Delaney

PRS: How did you start playing music/guitar? How old were you?

SD: I started playing guitar when I was 14. I hung out all the time at school with my mate Aaron. He started guitar lessons and became obsessed with Metallica...  He was a born Hetfield, but he needed a Hammett... Aaron started teaching me riffs at break time, and soon we were jamming in the music school every single lunch-break. We’d take it in turns to do the solos/rhythm parts. My favourite thing to play with him was the intro solo to Fade To Black.

PRS: What aspects of your PRS S2 Custom 22 drew you to it?

SD: I’d been playing a Custom 22 for a few years. My favourite guitarist growing up was Mike Einzigger from Incubus... That’s what originally drew me to PRS and led me to my Custom 22. When the S2 came out I tried it and was blown away. It competed on every level with my Custom 22, tone, playability, versatility, it's got the whole package.

PRS: What’s your signal chain? What do you think identifies your “sound” the most?

SD: My signal chain is pretty clean. I use Kempers for all my amp sounds now, and most of my fx too... I still keep an EH POG 2 in the chain for some of the more distinctive octave parts. I think certainly on our latest record ‘Technology’ the thing which identifies my sound the most is my use of octave fx and transposition... Most of the dirty tones on the record are fully octave driven, but I also use the Kempers to transpose the tuning of the guitar down, sometimes as much as 8 semitones within the same song. So I could for instance be playing a verse in Drop D using a clean tone, and then switch to dirty octave tone in Drop A for the chorus.

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Si Delaney Don Broco

PRS: What’s your favorite song to play live and why?

SD: I love playing ‘Pretty’ it’s got a heavy riff which is super easy to play, so I can just bounce around and have a fun time rocking out.

PRS: What’s your greatest moment / biggest goof on stage?

SD: My favourite show ever was when we headlined Alexandra Palace last year. I remember walking out on stage and genuinely feeling ‘wow this can’t be real’. Looking out at all those people who had come to see us was mind blowing.

My biggest goof was when we were doing a show in Eindhoven. We had a long intro track which played while we walked on stage. The track built to a crescendo at which point it would cut out and I would crash in with a big riff. Unfortunately I had totally forgotten to turn my amp on, so after 3 minutes of building intro, it was a massive anticlimax and I looked pretty silly, strumming a guitar while no noise came out...

PRS: Favorite part of touring? Least favorite part about touring?

SD: I love playing shows in places we’ve never been. It’s great getting to explore and getting a feel for the culture of a new place. I love hunting for vinyl and coffee (and guitars)... My least favourite part of touring is sometimes it’s very difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle on the road... Often you’re on crazy drives, eating terrible food at silly o’clock in the morning because there’s no other choice. When you get home you can feel pretty worse for wear!


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