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Artist Feedback on the Sonzera 20W Combo

April 18, 2019

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<p>PRS Sonzera Artist Feedback</p>

Have you had the opportunity to try our Sonzera family of amplifiers? If not, you may find they can cover a lot of tonal ground. Recently, three PRS artists stopped by our studio to give their unique perspectives on the Sonzera amps and how they use them to build their sound.

Tat Tuesday: PRS Employees & Their Tattoos

March 5, 2019

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<p>PRS Employees Tat Tuesday</p>

Today, Tuesday March 5th, millions around the world are celebrating “Fat Tuesday.” While most people are indulging in sweet treats and their favorite vice, we’re indulging in a little #tattooculture, also we can’t avoid a good pun.