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The PRS Factory Blog

The Story of the PRS Bird Inlays

by PRS Guitars on July 26, 2017

Filed Under Electrics / History

<p>PRS First Bird Inlay Guitar</p>

The PRS bird inlays are one of the most recognizable trademarks of our brand, but you may be wondering, why birds? We chatted with Paul Reed Smith about the history behind his decision and why it has stuck with our company for 32+ years.

The J-MOD 100 Amplifier Controls Explained

by PRS Guitars on July 18, 2017

Filed Under Amplifiers / Core Amplifiers / Meet The Model

<p>John Mayer J-MOD 100 Amplifier</p>

Born from passionate people who really love great tone, the J-MOD 100 Amplifier was the result of a close collaboration between PRS and musician John Mayer. While the amp has a relatively simple control layout, it can achieve a wide variety of tones with some easy manuevering of the controls. Check out this blog for a video demonstration of the many sounds the J-MOD can produce, and how you can make it happen!

Behind The Scenes: Boscoe France & The McCarty 594 Soapbars

by PRS Guitars on July 14, 2017

Filed Under Electrics / Core Electrics / Meet The Model

<p>Boscoe France PRS McCarty Soapboar 594</p>

Recently, PRS artist Boscoe France joined up with members of the PRS team to film a series of videos highlighting our latest release, the McCarty 594 Soapbars. The setting? A circa 1700’s farm house, presumed to be the oldest building in Stevensville, Maryland, the township where the PRS factory is headquartered. Read more about the video shoot here!

Behind The Scenes: Vans Warped Tour Artists

by PRS Guitars on June 29, 2017

Filed Under Amplifiers / Electrics / Core Electrics / S2 Series

<p>Warped Tour PRS</p>

The Vans Warped Tour presented by Journeys is the nation’s largest traveling music festival and has been connecting fans with their favorite bands since 1995! For the musicians on the tour, Warped is one of the most aggressive touring schedules one can experience, typically spanning 41 cities in 50 days. We took the time to chat with a few artists playing PRS on this year’s tour, and learn about their favorite parts of Warped, the gear they’re using, and more!

Behind The Scenes: Life As A Guitar Tech

by PRS Guitars on June 14, 2017

Filed Under Amplifiers / Electrics / Tips & Education

If you’re a high-level musician on the road, you’ve probably come to realize that a good guitar tech is an invaluable asset. They have the skills to keep your guitars, amps, & pedals working to their full capacity and they make sure you can focus on performing your best. In this blog we interviewed a few of these professionals to learn about their life on the road and get their tips on keeping your gear in tip-top shape!

Meet The Builders: Private Stock Acoustics

by PRS Guitars on June 9, 2017

Filed Under Acoustics / Private Stock Acoustics

The PRS Private Stock Acoustic project began in 2009 and since its inception has operated as an independent crew. Like any PRS Private Stock instrument, our acoustic guitars are built with an extraordinary attention to detail and a small-shop mentality. Check out this story to meet the builders behind our Private Stock acoustics, and learn about their experience building guitars as a career.