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Ideal Rock Guitars from the PRS SE Line

by PRS Guitars on August 29, 2016

Filed Under Electrics / SE Electrics

In this blog post, we hand the reins over to Bobby Kittleberger, the founder and editor of Guitar Chalk and a contributing editor at Guitar World. If your guitar playing leans towards the world of rock and you’re wondering which PRS SE guitar would be a good fit, let this article be your guide!

Behind The Scenes: SE Mark Holcomb

by PRS Guitars on August 17, 2016

Filed Under Electrics / SE Electrics

<p>Mark Holcomb’s SE</p>

It’s been one month since we released our latest SE signature model, the SE Mark Holcomb. This now popular model brings a number of unique specs to the PRS lineup, influenced largely by our collaboration with Mark and understanding his musical style and taste. If you’re curious about the SE Mark Holcomb, hear from Mark himself in this Q&A session as we discuss specs, tones, and much more!

513 vs 408 - How Are They Different?

by PRS Guitars on August 10, 2016

Filed Under Electrics / Core Electrics

Our 513 and 408 models both fall into a sort of “specialty” category here at PRS. While both instruments are 22 fret models with our custom body shape, they become strikingly different when you break down their electronics layout. Check out this blog post to gain some insight into how each model works and what makes them beautifully unique.