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We Love Rock Festivals: PRS at “The Music Experience”

September 15, 2016

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<p>PRS Music Experience</p>

You don’t forget a good rock festival. The arena sound, the big lineups, and the energy of thousands of fellow music fans. That’s why PRS teams up with The Music Experience, a traveling interactive “rock star” exhibit on-site at dozens of rock festivals around the country. Learn more about our involvement with The Music Experience and where we’re heading in this blog!

PRS & Music Education: The TEI Tent at Warped Tour

September 14, 2016

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<p>TEI Warped Tour 2016 PRS</p>

Music education is important, no doubt. As guitar builders, we see ourselves on the continual road of improvement and discovery and in the same way, guitarists and musicians undergo this journey as well. That’s why we partnered with The Entertainment Institute (TEI) during this summer’s Warped Tour. Get the recap here!

SE Acoustic Factory Authorized Summer Sale!

June 1, 2016

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Shorts, sandals, and sunlight aren’t the only things to look forward to this summer! We’re excited to announce our SE Acoustic Factory Authorized Summer Sale! From June 1st through July 31st, you can pick up any of the PRS SE acoustic models for an awesome price!

Meet The Models: SE Acoustic Guitars

April 20, 2016

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If you’re a guitarist, having a reliable, smooth playing, and awesome sounding acoustic is a must. Acoustic guitars have an unmistakable voicing that goes great with bonfires on the beach, jam sessions at home, and camping with your friends. We believe there’s an acoustic for everyone, all you need to do is find your perfect fit. PRS offers four acoustic models, all beautiful sounding, yet uniquely different. Check them out in this blog post!

Interview with Alex Lifeson of Rush: Tour & PRS Signature Guitars

July 16, 2015

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Check out this blog to get up close and personal with Alex Lifeson of Rush! Over the past few years we have worked closely with Alex to develop two guitars he can be proud to play on tour and in the studio: the SE Alex Lifeson and the Private Stock Alex Lifeson models. In these exclusive videos, Alex discusses his ongoing R40 tour with Rush, the development behind his new PRS models, and how he uses them on tour.