2 Channel “H” - Final Testing

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<p>2 Channel H in final testing</p>

A 2 Channel “H” in final testing

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Michael Kell April 23, 2012 - 1:39pm
I use the H head with the 1 X 12" matching cab as my standard rig. It replaces a Rivera Venus 6 combo that weighed a ton so the two piece PRS is much easier to carry in and out of a gig. I love the tones and they are very comparable to the class A Rivera. The workmanship is excellent and I tested a number of other high-end amps, and this was certainly one of the best for a head and cab. PRS rocks!
Mark E Adkins April 19, 2012 - 6:20pm
First one in Springfield Missouri to own this amp! My only complaint about this Amp is the Foot Switch design, the cord needs to be not hard wired! Other than that this Amp offers superb Clean tones and freakin Awesome gain on channel 2! This Amp gives great head room for volume control unlike the Fender Delux and Deville I also play through. We played a very small event at Applebees over the weekend and this amp gave great tone even with very low volume for the room, yes I said Applebees! This amp is Awesome! Mark E Adkins, Springfield Missouri

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