Collection Series III by Private Stock

Paul Reed Smith Testing Finished Collection Electrics and Acoustics

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<p>Paul Play Testing Collection Series III Instruments</p>

Hello everyone! Paul here. Last year at Experience PRS we got all of our best Private Stock dealers in a room and asked them to be part of a special program. The program would allow me to design and personally work on guitars at a more intimate level than anything else coming out of our shop. The program would feature exclusive specifications, such as pernambuco necks and celtic knot inlays. We would make one set per dealer each quarter – one acoustic and one electric guitar – making these instruments extremely special. That is when the Collection program was born.

To this day, I still check every Private Stock electric guitar, every acoustic guitar, and every Collection instrument before they leave the building, and I am intimately involved in the building of all Collection instruments. Playing these instruments is a highlight of my day. This video walks through my playtest routine.


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Scott Arbogast July 16, 2012 - 11:28am
Hi Paul, I am 55 years old and have been playing all my life. There are just no guitars made better or sound better than yours, period!! I have four, a '92 custom 24, '02 custom 24, '03 mccarty, and a beautiful mint '04 sgl cut artist. Although I cannot play as much as I used to (have MS sinse 2005), your guitars are just light years above any other guitar. Now I need to ditch the old plexi's for a blistertone!!!!!! Thanks Paul.
Mamta June 16, 2012 - 7:59am
Hi ,Great videos many taknhs I hope you can suggest smething to help me with some problem I have with the mini I bought one on a sale very cheap .. it is great . but I am left handed and while revresing the strings was easy , the metal bars to hang the strap really does not work if yu try to use them as a left handed !!! really don't know what to do as it is imposible to use the strap without the right set of bars . can you suggest a work around ???Many taknhs.Mahuro
Chris.Greenwood May 08, 2012 - 10:14am
Hi Paul.. It has to be said that the care and attention you guys pay to everything you do is tangible! Ive yet to be able to afford a USA PRS..but Ive got 2 SE Singlecuts and an SE Bernie Marsden,and they are just irreplaceable guitars! Im 57 now(Ageing rocker refusing to grow up!)and have owned Fs Gs and prettu much every other make of guitar..but your instruments are just superb! The videos are great,and pretty much show how much you guys care....long may you have the success you deserve!

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