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Our dealer network is important to us here at PRS Guitars! After all, they’re the folks taking care of our guitars after we make them and before they get into our customers hands! We started “Meet the Dealer” so you can get an inside peek at some of the shops that sell PRS Guitars. Check out the story below about the Sam Ash / PRS relationship!

Sammy Ash // Sam Ash Music Corp.
Hicksville, NY

Sam Ash Music and PRS have a long and rich history together. As one, if not the first, dealers Paul signed up, we are still proud to be a top seller of PRS guitars since 1985. Paul even used his first product order (PO) that Richard Ash wrote to present to the banks and secured the loan that started the company. As the earliest adopters of the PRS Culture and products, Sam Ash has seen PRS grow from a great idea to a great company.

Sammy himself is a good friend of Paul’s and the two always look forward to seeing each other as they did during the last NAMM Show, 2016. As collector guitars, Sammy’s PRS instruments are some of the most prized that he owns. He is the proud owner of the Blue Prototype, serial numbers 5 0004 & 5 0006, Signature Series #2 (personalized by Paul), the Prototype bass (serial number 1986), and another 8 instruments and amps.

One of his more fun possessions is the only known white Japanese 24 fret standard that was signed by everyone at Paul’s 40th Birthday party in Maryland. Paul still wants it back! Paul and Sammy have designed several successful instruments together both in small batch Customs and large quantities of CE’s which PRS just re-released this year.

A few fun facts about PRS and Sam Ash:

- Paul taught Sam’s son Ben how to bend in tune when Ben was first learning to play the electric.
- The very first PRS deal was consummated over the phone while Sam was at home with double pneumonia and because of his New York accent and heavy breathing Paul thought he was dealing with a Mobster.
- It was Richard Ash that prompted Paul to make the Metal series of guitars.
- Paul’s oldest child’s name is Sam…any coincidence? I think not!
- Over 30 years later Sam Ash Music is prouder than ever to be a PRS full-range dealer in all locations keeping the most exclusive and elusive pieces in our Guitars of Distinction room in the central office.

Paul, Max and Sammy Ash at the factory.

Paul and Sammy hamming it up at NAMM in the late 90’s.

Paul, Rachel and Sammy Ash celebrating Paul induction of PRS guitars into the Metropolitan Museum.

Paul giving Ben Ash a lesson in bending in tune at the factory.

Ben Ash proudly showing off one of the earliest Private Stock Guitars.

Sammy Ash kicking back at the Very first Experience PRS playing one of Paul’s first basses. This picture was featured in Bass Guitar Magazine.

Paul Kissing Sammy at an early NAMM.

Paul And Sammy

Paul and Howie Mendelson (EVP of Sam Ash) at one of the many meet and greets at a Sam Ash location.

One of the many Sam Ash on-site trainings with Paul.

Some of Sammy’s collection.

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Mitch Weissman March 31, 2016 - 9:38pm
Nice history between the companies. Great article, too!
Jason Sapp March 31, 2016 - 8:21pm
While in my senior year of highschool ,back in 1993,I was in an after school program called Maryland's Tomorrow. It was an encouragement group I suppose for kids they thought needed some extra attention or social outlet. Near the end of the school year they wanted to take us on a field trip and asked the group to come up with someplace in Maryland we could go that might benefit the group as a whole... Well I had been playing guitar for a couple years at that point and Paul Reed Smith guitars were of the most lustful brands I wanted so badly to one day own one. So I quickly pointed out how close to Centreville MD, Annapolis was. THEY WENT FOR IT!! Well our small group got go tour the original factory down by the water and what an experience it was!! The guitars were beyond beautifully crafted, the employees all seemed happy and willing to talk to some "kids" which was very cool in itself. Now, many years later, I am fortunate enough to own a 2001 CE22 and 6 PRS SE's. Because of this I have joined some PRS focused groups on Facebook. In one of these groups I saw some posts from a guy Sammy Ash. I thought ...nah can't be that Sam Ash!...but it was! Well after participating in a few comment sections on posted threads I realized how very down to earth Sammy is...just a good person , a regular guy that happens to be part of a major, well respected music store chain bearing his name. After a short while I decided to ask to be included to his friends list and thankfully he accepted. It is really cool seeing his collected pieces when he shares them on pages and his short stories about some good times with Paul Reed Smith himself. It sounds like from his recounts Paul is just another guitar crazy/obsessed guy that happens to have a World renowned guitar manufacturing company! My famous and important as both of these guys are they are accessible. Sammy is always good for a funny comment and just is a down to earth person. And although it may be a friendship made on a social network, I still truely feel he is a friend....much respect for you Sammy Ash!! This article was a great read, thank you!!

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