Private Stock Acoustic with West African Ebony Back and Sides

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<p>Private Stock Acoustic with West African Ebony Back and Sides</p>

A Private Stock Acoustic with rare West African Ebony back and sides

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Iain Smith February 26, 2014 - 2:44pm
Thank you Paul and everyone at PRS for making the best guitars known to mankind imho. My blue fade cu24 from the wood library is without doubt the most beautiful instrument I've ever played and feel blessed to own a true work of art. Paul was even kind enough to sign it for me at the 2013 World Guitars PRS evening in Gloucester, UK. Love you guys. lol Thank you. Sincerely Iain Smith
Jeff Curley - June 05, 2013 - 5:00pm
While researching a guitar I was about to buy, I stumbled upon this page with the picture of this guitar. Low and behold, this IS the guitar I was researching to buy! I just purchased it today, at my wife's urging, at GuitarRez in Austin, Texas. It cost a pretty penny and was a tough decision to make - but the decision was made and she is mine now. It looks even more beautiful than these pictures... and sounds great. I have many acoustic Guild's, Gibson's, and Taylors... this is my first PRS.
Harald Schneller April 20, 2012 - 5:13pm
Hi Paul, wood, as beautiful as it may be, has an impact on sound in a 3 to 5 meter range, but not on stage. I remember my 72' Martin D 35, but now I play an Adamas W 597 and even this one responds to humidity. Working for Thomann, i had the opportunity to play a number of fine PRS guitars. But recently, I put a PRS pu in a cheap guitar and the result is the same. I even remember a Frankfurt fair, when we were trying to match a PRS and a Boogie, it didn't work out. Besides the vibrato unit, which you did very well (but using it, it wears out rapidly, hardening the moving parts like weapon steel would propably help), the guitar technology has become an industrial standard, even chinese do it satisfying. You are building living room instruments, amps as well, but I like it, although i can't afford them. Best Harald

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