Buying a PRS is a special memory. Chances are you spent months gazing at it in a product catalog, on a website or on the wall at your local guitar store.

Either way, it's hard to forget the moment you finally take it home with you.

Here at PRS, we love hearing the stories of satisfied customers and the day they purchased their PRS Guitars. If you have a story about buying your PRS, tell us below!

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Ro S

Ro S.
Melbourne, Australia

It all started for me back in High School when my obsession for guitar had me practicing/performing and writing music at every chance i had. I can remember being on the search for guitars that were more than the average instrument, I wanted the best and I was mad on finding out what that was. I was turned onto PRS through conversations with my guitar teacher and other guitar loving friends, and after learning about them I began to dig deeper where I remember the imagery of some of the models I had found online blowing me away. The love of the classic PRS design and the headstock design as i remember was well and truly set during this High School period.

Later I began to see them more and more through watching artists such as Karnivool, Sikth, Linkin Park and Antiskeptic, and as my career progressed with offers of more and more sessional guitar work with various artists the moment came where i needed a world class instrument to keep up with my needs. I had the thought… What is the best instrument I can get? coz I need that one. I began to research and try out guitars that had been recommended to me. And finally I was led to a local PRS dealer 1 of 2 in my city, I had a good chat with the owner of the store and played some of the PRS guitars he had in stock, All immaculate and a joy to play. I knew i found what i wanted.

I took home the catalog and stared at it trying to plan a way to raise the funds. After all, I was pursuing a career in music…and we all know what that means. The goal was set. I worked out what specs i needed and got the quote from my dealer, I made sure that I got the best of the best for what I could (the birds, the 10 top, wide thin neck profile, fixed bridge, the beautiful blue matteo color) I went all out because i knew that this investment is going to be my new friend for life, my work partner, my paintbrush for my own musical endeavors and a source of inspiration on my journey as a guitarist.

I began to save, I put aside any and every dollar i could towards it, and saved for the better part of a year. When my band mates ate out after rehearsals, i bought along sandwiches, where my friends went out on weekends…I stayed in, where there was the potential to waste money…i avoided it, and I didn’t upgrade my clothes for the longest time. I pinched every penny i had because i knew the greater goal.

Finally, I had enough to put down a deposit and the order was made. A very exciting time and a proud moment of reaching a goal. The waiting game begins. The wait time I had back in 2009 was roughly 6 months. And I HATE the waiting game. But knowing that the guitar is going to be put through the most rigorous process for the best possible instrument puts its all into perspective. FINALLY. the call came in at a very unexpected moment. “Your guitar is here”. OOOOMMMMGGGG STOP EVERYTHING.

I went down to the store as excited as Ive ever been. Finally the moment Ive been working towards for what felt like a lifetime was here. I was presented the case and opened it up. Unbelievable, the guitar is flawless and stunning… Striking color, light weight, and plays like a dream. I left the store and went home where I just spent all my time playing and staring at my new guitar. My band was impressed when I took it in to rehearsals, and everywhere i went with the guitar, the comments on how nice it was flowed towards me. From that moment and still to this day people are struck by the guitar and want to know all about it. It has become part of my identity in my music as ‘I Built The Sky’ and a source of endless comments and questions on my youtube video’s and social media.

I am more obsessed with my PRS guitar than ever before, It has kept up with my crazy demands with no exception. I work this thing hard…I use the entire range of the instrument with different tunings and tensions, I move around a lot when i play and I play hard, bending the guitar around at times, i don’t modify my style to accommodate my guitar, I play with feeling and there is no compromise on that, BUT my PRS takes on anything i throw at it effortlessly and flawlessly. I have the perfect instrument for my needs, and I can not thank the PRS team enough for being so accommodating and friendly with me after becoming a PRS endorsee last year. It is an absolute honor to be a PRS Aritist, and I feel extremely proud to represent a company that has been a huge part of my career and my life since getting my guitar in 2009. Looking forward to bringing out my next album this year, it will feature ONLY my PRS guitar in a large range of different contexts, and I’m very excited to let people hear my new songs when they are finished.

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Joe N

Joe N.
Ohio, USA

When we start playing guitar, whether we start young or old, we all have a guitar that we wanted to own, our “bucket-list” guitar that we promised we’d have one day. Well, mine was a blue American-made PRS Custom 24. 13 years and about 30 guitars later I’m the very, very proud owner of a 2012 Custom 22 Swamp Ash Special, as well as a 2014 blue Custom 24! Every day when I play these guitars I can’t help but to admire them when I take them down off the wall. The craftsmanship is unparalleled, from the tip of the headstock down to the strap button these instruments are absolutely brilliant. When you hold a Paul Reed Smith guitar in your hands it’s unlike anything else, and playing one is a dream. I knew from the moment I received these instruments that I was not going to let them go. They’re ones that I’m going to cherish for the rest of my days! And I can not wait to get my next one!

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Doug B

Doug B.

I stopped into my local music store to get some picks & strings. My wife followed me in. She rarely would follow me into a music store. As I’m at the counter she’s walking around looking at everything. She suddenly called me over and pointed to a Charcoalburst Custom 24. She say’s “that’s the most beautiful guitar I’ve ever seen, what is it ?” I told her it’s a PRS. She say’s ” is that good ? are they good ?”. I laughed and gave her a quick history on PRS. Long story short, we walked out of the store that day with picks, strings & a Charcoalburst Custom 24. Nicest guitar I’ve ever had. It’s perfect. Perfect feel, perfect tone. Just beautiful.

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Marco Pera

Marco Pera
Cooper City, Florida

My name is Marco Pera from South Florida. I am 19 years old and a proud, proud, player of a 1985 model PRS guitar. It’s unlike any other guitar I have ever played. How does a young gun like myself acquire such an axe in the first place you may ask? I would be robbing the guitar of its lore if I didn’t start it right from the beginning, so here’s how it went down:

My father has owned this guitar for over 25 years, long before I was even thought of. Prior to owning it, my dad already had his money saved for a Gold top Gibson Les Paul. But one fateful day at a Guitar Center in Jersey he saw this beautiful, bright red PRS guitar. He asked the shop owner what guitar is that? “Oh that’s one of those new Paul Reed Smith guitars.” My dad was entranced, but did not buy it quite yet. His heart was set on the Les Paul. But as fate, God, karma, whatever you believe would have it, one night he woke up from perhaps the most prophetic dream. His subconscious propelled images into his head of him playing that same PRS at such a virtuosic level, a level that he describes as “a lot better than he was.” There was no question as to what must be done.

The next day he went back to Guitar Center and purchased that PRS at the very affordable price of 1,500 dollars. Now for the next two decades he played this guitar, and it was everything he dreamed of. I remember as a small child looking at the guitar in wonder and in my mind pretending like I was my rockstar dad, playing like him.

Now the next part of the story may be hard to believe, but bear with me. My dad played worship at his church weekly. Wednesday nights he would lead worship with the Youth Group. One night however, one of the staff decided not to do his job in locking the door to the building after the service. My father returns to the room only to find his PRS guitar gone, stolen. My father was devastated like the rest of my family was. I remember the day like it was yesterday. I was about 6 or 7 years old, and my dad was on the computer looking at guitars being sold locally in an attempt to find the guitar, my mother explaining to me what had happened. For a long year, my father had lost hope of ever retrieving the guitar. But one day, a woman knocked on our door. “Hello, did you have a guitar stolen from you?” My father responded “Yes, about a year ago.” And the woman goes on to explain that it was her son who stole the guitar, and that she was there to make amends and apologize on her son’s behalf. So finally, the woman pulls out my fathers PRS guitar, and my dad was in shock. It had returned to him. Our whole family was overjoyed.

So when the time would come for me to live out my father’s legacy at age 12, and start learning how to play the guitar, that guitar was waiting for me. Waiting for me to be worthy of picking it up. As the years went by, my father passed on the guitar to me. And it is unlike any other guitar I have ever played. My father and I call it “Excalibur”, and rightly so. That guitar has been on tour with me throughout the country, and I wouldn’t have any other guitar. So that’s my story of how I acquired my guitar that is in my picture. PRS guitars are the greatest guitars in the world, I will proudly represent them always.

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Hanspeter Stoeckli

Hanspeter Stoeckli

For me, it all started in late summer of 2008. It started with a German magazine called Grand Guitars. Grand Gtrs reviewed the PRS Singlecut Hollowbody. And it was some kind of love at first sight. I knew I wanted to have one: same model but rather the Hollowbody I with the maple top. I evaluated blue matteo as the colour for my first PRS and ordered it from my local dealer. I got it in March 2009. Since then I’m a PRS aficionado.

Thanks to a good job and thanks to some savings I had the luck to increase my collection. Now I’m a very proud owner of eleven PRS beauties. I’m into limited editions and had the chance to get some rare models with Brazilian necks. I love these necks definitively. And know what, my 10th Anniversary Artist model celebrates its 20 years! After being one year with my first PRS guitars I wondered: “until today I didn’t see any musician playing a PRS guitar on stage.” A few weeks later I went to a small music club in the no man’s land between our capitol and where I live. The “Blues Caravan” was on tour and it was promoted in a radio show a few days in front of the concert. Don’t know if you know these musicians: Coco Montoya, Maria Meena or Shakura S’Aida? I guess you already know what’s coming: the guitarist playing with Shakura was Donna Grantis. And Donna played her PRS CE 22 (I believe it’s a CE 22..). She was marvellous and played like a guitar god in heaven. Of course I was very impressed! I really wish I could be as good as she is.

To round up: I’m afraid I sound like a rich guitar junkie able to buy everything what my eyes hit and my heart desires. It’s not the case, but this hobby is really one passion giving me a lot of satisfaction and pleasure. Imagine how free a builder can be in creating a guitar: so many possibilities to vary in details, woods, forms, colours, and styles. That’s what I’m impressed with all the time about guitars as music instruments. And to be honest: even me, I can play just one guitar at the time. Dreaming of the next PRS… I still don’t have an Angelus, nor a JA-15, nor a second Private Stock… Thank you PRS for all your guitars and new ideas.

Thank you, Dear Reader, to read my story and to share yours! (Photo: me and my PRS Private Stock)

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Gordon Hunter

Gordon Hunter

I am from Scotland and bought my first PRS from the Sam Ash store in New York in 1997. Having lusted after a PRS for a few years (blame Alex Lifeson of Rush!) there were few to be found in Edinburgh and Glasgow guitar shops (2 or 3 guitars here and there). So a business trip to the Big Apple gave me the opportunity to see if Sam Ash might stock 1 or 2. The rack of PRS’s was a sight for sore eyes. I tried a few but my budget didn’t stretch to bird inlays etc. On Day 1, I left the shop empty handed. How could I explain to my wife that I’d spent a £1,000+ on a guitar?! You must remember that copper wire was invented by two Scots fighting over a penny!

However, on Day 2 I returned to the shop with a business colleague and duly splashed the cash. He later told me that when I walked into Sam Ash, behind my back, the two sales assistants who had helped me the day before, mimicked casting a fly rod hooking a fish and reeling it in!! I was there to be caught. I suspect the drooling gave it away!! The end result was that I have had 17 years pleasure from a modest PRS Custom 24 sunburst guitar. More importantly, I bought my wife and kids Big Apple tee shirts to assuage my guilt and demonstrate my Scottish generosity.

Thanks to PRS for years of fun. PS: See photo attached. I now also own a Singlecut Artist Package black beauty!

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