Buying a PRS is a special memory. Chances are you spent months gazing at it in a product catalog, on a website or on the wall at your local guitar store.

Either way, it's hard to forget the moment you finally take it home with you.

Here at PRS, we love hearing the stories of satisfied customers and the day they purchased their PRS Guitars. If you have a story about buying your PRS, tell us below!

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Lowell Rice

Lowell Rice
Austin, Texas

After walking into Erlewine’s Guitar in Austin in 1986 and dropping off my Les Paul and my Strat, both my gigging guitars at the time, for a fresh set up, I strolled into the adjacent shop of Guitar Rez (Guitar Resurrection) and was approached by the owner, Jim. He asked how I was doing and what I was up to. I told him of my mission next door. He asked me why I was carrying around two guitars of such ‘mixed heritage’. As most musicians in Austin in ‘86, cover bands were the standard fare, and ours was nothing different. Jim was poking at me. When I started to explain the need for the sonic breadth, he walked me over to the first PRS to show up so far South. A silver Custom 22. It was beautiful. And, well out of my price range. I had spent ~$1200 on both of my current axes and the PRS was coming in at $1500 list. But, I was smitten. For the next few years, I lusted after every PRS I saw, whether in real life or in print, or on MTV (back when they played music videos). After getting married and settling into a ‘real job’, I ended up selling or giving away all of my gear except for a beat up, no name acoustic. But, every mag I picked up with a PRS ad reminded me of that day in Guitar Rez’s shop and that PRS.

In 2000, Guitar Center was having their grand opening in Austin and a couple of friends and I went to check out their wares. Walking in I saw a wall of guitars immediately on the right side of the door. A wall of PRS guitars of all makes and colors. I was drawn to a translucent blue, CE24. I picked it up and played it unplugged, sitting on the floor for the entire time my friends were wandering through the store. I ended up taking it home with me without ever plugging it in. My wife’s only condition for buying it was that I play it every day. So far, so good.

Although, I have added to my PRS addiction through the years, that original CE24 is still my #1. She has the wear of 15 years on her, but her tone is still as sweet as the day I brought her home. Meeting Paul at the Dallas Guitar Show a number of times, along with several other PRS employees always reminds me of the fact that my passion is matched by theirs and solidifies my support of a wonderful company and their great products. The photo is a grainy pic taken by one of the friends who talked me into heading to GC over lunch the day I picked up my #1.

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Barry Shirley

Barry Shirley
Columbia, South Carolina

Guitarist are fairly traditional minded for the most part and I am no exception. I always played Gibsons and Fenders but was always curious about PRS. My curiosity was fed by the sound I was hearing from their ever growing family of artists. I finally went to a shop and tried out different models and neck shapes and quickly realized they were exceptional instruments. I decided on a model and neck shape and ordered a Custom 22 Artist Package in 2007. One of the things that impressed me most was that it was gig ready upon delivery, no setup needed. I bought a Modern Eagle II two years later. In a word, I would say they are inspiring to play.

Thank you for a well thought out and crafted instrument and it’s a plus that both of mine are made right here in America!

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Sammy Ash

Sammy Ash
New York

I met Paul in 1985 first on the phone while I had pneumonia and then in person. I am very proud to say we were the first PRS dealer in the country. I am also very proud to be able to call him my friend. I am also proud to say I have designed many PRS guitars in the past when I was the active buyer for the Company, then I got kicked upstairs. I am not just a fan of PRS, I am a collector as well. Here is a list of a few of the guitars in my collection and I still need more…

1 – 1985 #4 Custom 24 Serial # 5 0004 // 
2. 1984 Pre-Production Prototype in blue Perl (No Serial Number) //
3. 1987 Japanese Standard 22 (Never went into production - No Serial Number & signed by everyone at Paul’s 40 Birthday Party) //
4. 1996 Custom 24 Brazilian //
5. 1990 PRS LE Award Series Hollow Top Custom 24 (#4 of 20) //
6. 1991 Artist Series #6 //
7. 1986 Signature Series #2 Custom 24 (Signed SIG Series #2 Sam Ash!) //
8. 1985 Custom 24 Serial # 5 0006 //
and not shown in my office…a Pearl White Prototype Bass, Limited Run Black CE22 serial #1, plus all the go-to guitars I have at home like my S2 Custom.

By the way, there is no coincidence that Paul’s first born is named Sam!!!

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Tim Sarquis PRS

Tim Sarquis
Oakhurst, CA

I received my PRS as a gift for my high school graduation, 10 years ago. I was always infatuated with PRS guitars since I started playing when I was 14. I will always remember when my parents drove me 2 hours to closest Guitar Center so that I could play my first PRS guitar. It was the Mark Tremonti model, who was and still is my inspiration. Fast forward 4 years to my graduation party. It was my band’s first “gig”. But before we went on, everyone had a surprise for me. A guitar case was on the table. I opened it up and there it was. A 20th Anniversary Edition Custom 22 ten top. I had found out that all of my friends and family had pitched in so that my parents could get it for me. It’s one, if not, my most cherished thing that I own. Now that I have two sons who are interested in music, I can’t wait for the moment I get to pass on this guitar to them and keep this guitar in the family for generations to come!

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Carlo Beusenberg

Carlo Beusenberg

I played only Gibson for years until I met someone who wanted to trade a PRS McCarty for my Gibson LP, I had seen so many beautiful PRS guitars on the internet and in guitar magazines and a few of my heroes (Tremonti, Neal Schon) played on PRS guitars so I did the trade without even play or hear the McCarty! But what the hell I owned 10 LP’s at the time so one less didn’t bother me!

I got home and plugged the McCarty in my amp and the sound and playability blew me away!! What a fantastic guitar and it stayed in tune forever, not what I could say about my LP’s! In the months that passed I sold and traded all of my Gibsons for PRS guitars, even Private Stocks and man it was the best decision I had made, I own 6 PRS guitars at this moment, 3 Private’s , Tremonti, CU 24 from 1991, McCarty, I am a Signature member from the beginning and visited the Experience 2 times in the last 5 years and I love it!!

I am hooked to PRS for the rest of my life and I do not need anything else!!!

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Eric Newman

Eric Newman
Leesburg, VA

All my life I had crap guitars and crappier amplifiers. I never really had a chance to play “good” ones. The closest I’d gotten was and old ‘71 SG that had the neck broken one too many times, and eventually shattered. I slowly got more and more disenchanted with my SOUND, and played less and less.

About a dozen or so years ago, I found myself with lots of time on my hands. I began a search for a good guitar, now that I could afford one. After several uninspiring trips to local music stores, I eventually settled for a decent Les Paul. It was a start, and it got me playing again.

Within a year, I was in a garage band. We went through other guitar players every few months, but occasionally we’d have one with a PRS. I’d gawk and drool, but never asked to play one. They LOOKED amazing. As things progressed, a friend told me about the 2010 Experience PRS event. I watched videos, and I scanned the web site. There was something about these guitars that called to me. I started to collect other kinds of instruments I’d always wanted, but somehow never thought to get a PRS, since I’d never played one. Then, at Experience PRS, I was suddenly SURROUNDED by these amazing instruments. I could smell the sawdust. I could feel the raw wood. It seeped into my soul. On the second day, I finally discovered the Amp Room. There for the first time, I pickup up a PRS, plugged it in, and heard angels singing… It was amazing - the feel, the shape, the SUSTAIN, the SOUL!

I left that day with a splinter in my soul that festered… Within a month, I owned an 10-top Aurora Borealis P22. I would sit and just gaze into It. Overnight, it became THE guitar I played. Then, at a local show, I got my first ding. It was tiny, but it made me want to cry. I thought to myself, I need ANOTHER one, a beater, so that I can worry less, and leave my treasured guitar home, and let the new one take the hits. I found the most amazing USED 2001 Jade Custom 24, with a ONE piece 10-top at a local guitar center, hanging up so high, they had to go get the BIG ladder to get it down for me. Unplayed, and unloved this guitar whimpered in my hands, and said “take me home…”. I did. Now, I started to understand the PRS tremolo. I understood WHY it was winning. I saw how crappy my other tremolo experiences had been. Wow. But alas, my beloved P22 had a hard tail.

Experience PRS for 2011 was an opportunity to take my dear wife, and show her what all the fuss was about. I even took her to the AMP room, where I’d learned there were some cool new Doug Sewell designs. As I sat down, I was initially disappointed that there was no amazing new guitar to try the amp out with… What was this Model? I pickup this amazingly light guitar, plugged it in, and was stunned. WHAT IS THIS? I’d never seen a Mira before. It was almost like a ghost of that old SG to my hands… it felt.. RIGHT. It took the better part of that day to track one down, because I HAD to have one. ... And by the way, I eventually picked up the Custom 50 CAD amp, that paired with it so well… Now it seemed like the Custom 24 was fitting my needs just a tiny bit better for a daily player, but the tone of the Mira kept me hypnotized for many styles of things I was playing. And the P22 would just be the icing on the cake for those special songs, on special nights where it could dazzle both with looks and sounds.

Then suddenly Experience 2012 was upon us.and low and behold I stumbled upon a Burnt Almond P24, with Tremolo! And it had an Ebony fingerboard on a Korina Neck. I…had…to…have…this…guitar. I had found my go-to guitar for almost every style I played. So different from the P22, yet so right. They both make sense to me. Now I have an entourage. I treasure this family of PRSs, and look forward to being inspired by another one some day.

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