Buying a PRS is a special memory. Chances are you spent months gazing at it in a product catalog, on a website or on the wall at your local guitar store.

Either way, it's hard to forget the moment you finally take it home with you.

Here at PRS, we love hearing the stories of satisfied customers and the day they purchased their PRS Guitars. If you have a story about buying your PRS, tell us below!

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Christopher Maloy's PRS

Christopher Maloy
Albany, New York

I was first inspired to pick up the guitar by Mark Tremonti. More specifically, I saw the music video for Alter Bridge’s “Open Your Eyes” and knew that I wanted to learn how to do whatever it was he was doing on that instrument. I also knew that I wanted to have a guitar with those birds. I had no idea what the guitar was called, what it felt like, or what it WAS, but I knew that I liked how it sounded and I loved how it looked. Fast forward a couple years (and a couple guitars) later, and it’s my eighteenth birthday. I can remember going with my mother to Guitar Center to see if they had any PRS guitars. I was in the Vault, enjoying the eye candy, when one with a unique top caught my eye; I would later learn it was burled maple. To my amazement my parents bought it for me, an incredible present for any young guitar player. That guitar is an artist package Custom 22. “Burly,” as I’ve taken to calling it, is now accompanied by a Starla and an SE Angelus Custom. I know that a lot of kids aren’t fortunate enough to have that caliber of guitar as a birthday present, and I’ll always be grateful for how supportive my parents have been of my musical aspirations. Burly has since been put through the ringer since I’ve had it; there’s dings and dents and chips and scratches, and I’ve had a luthier give it an electronics overhaul, but all of the wear and tear only makes it more mine. Every song I’ve ever written, every lick I’ve stayed up until 3 am to learn, and every performance I’ve given has been on this guitar. I know I will have it for the rest of my life.

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Ron Egatz PRS

Ron Egatz
New York City

I chased this PRS guitar for almost 20 years. It’s a 1993 prototype McCarty with a vibrato bridge; very rare! It’s similar to the gold top McCarty vibrato built for Robben Ford, but made famous by David Grissom. Since it left the Stevensville factory, it’s been owned by at least four other owners according to my research. There were times it was put up for sale and I was unaware, and there were times it was for sale but the asking price was many thousands above what I was willing to pay. A couple of years ago, I saw it up on the block again, made an offer, and got very fortunate. She plays incredibly well, and has a set of electronics and tone unlike any other PRS I’ve ever played. When I play her for more than a few minutes, it’s obvious why Mr. Grissom stuck with that gold top for so many years. Like Grissom’s, the neck feels different from the standard Wide Fat neck carve, but it’s nowhere near as small as the DGT model. The PRS bridge not only still works flawlessly, returning to pitch after bending, but the through-the-body stringing seems to give this guitar a more breathy voice than my other McCartys. It’s almost like there’s a plate reverb built inside the body. The tone is big, but not overblown. My ‘93 McCarty prototype holds a unique position in my working collection of PRS guitars. I feel fortunate she’s finally mine after a two-decade pursuit.

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Robin Bassett's PRS

Robin Bassett
United Kingdom

Turning 40 my wife asked what I’d dream of. Straight away I said a PRS guitar and to my surprise she said she’d buy me one! At the time there was no PRS USA dealer in Northern Ireland so I wrote to PRS aficionado Dave Burrluck to ask his advice - as I was going to purchase via mail order. He kindly wrote me a letter back detailing all the models he’s tried and tested, he also copied the reply to Gavin Mortimer of Headline Music who put me in contact with the wonderful Peach Guitars. Gavin and John, of Peach, flew me to Peach to try a “wall” of guitars! I came home with a beautiful Custom 22 Artist (with a Brazilian Rosewood fretboard!) having received the best customer service ever - PERIOD! Needless to say I will always play PRS, my kids will get SE’s to learn with and I will always buy from Peach!

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Fariz Shakir's PRS

Fariz Shakir
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

A PRS guitar to me has always been that mystical Unicorn, ever so slightly out of reach, yet so desireable it drives your brain while you’re in bed at night, trying to sleep. Ever since I first held one, a Singlecut with a fat neck - it’s been on the back of my mind. And I didn’t even know how to play guitar yet back then. Growing up, pretty much every band I saw on the pages of Guitar World had a PRS. Whether it was metal bands, radio rock, pop punk, emo, country, you name it…they were all rocking one of Paul’s creations. Heck, pretty much every session musician you see playing for a big name artist is probably playing a PRS. So I knew this was the guitar that could handle my eclectic taste in music, shred like a metal guitar, yet cater to my lust of classic lines and flame maple (no one does tops like PRS) As I got a bit better at playing, I decided it’s time I got myself an American made guitar, the real deal. After all, I’ve been playing the same guitar that my mom got me, my first electric guitar (an Epiphone Les Paul Custom) for the past 12 years, I thought.. it’s time.

Headed to LA for holiday, with my annual bonus in hand, I knew I was leaving the States with a hardshell PRS case in hand. And I knew it had to be a Custom 24 with a ten top. It was originally born in 1985, as I was. It had humbuckers with a five way switch, it had that slim neck with the rolled edges, it looked killer, it sounded great, it had everything I wanted. This was the one. Walking into Guitar Center Hollywood, I went straight to the Platinum Room where all the high end stuff was kept, and saw a few to choose from. I am a sucker for charcoal black, but it was a P24. I knew what I wanted. I wanted the core line Custom 24, straight up, neat. So the guy at the store hands me one in a color I’d never thought I’d pick. Jade Green. Now, I believe a buying guitar is like buying an apartment, when you walk in the first time it had to feel right. And this was how that Jade Green Custom 24 felt like. Like it was mine all along, all those tricky parts were a lot easier to play, arpeggios run smoother, the neck and my hand were soulmates in a past life. This was the one. And the new Jade Green (at the time) color looked amazing in real life, almost reptilian. This was it. The rest as they say, is history. The guitar is mine now, and flying back I had to fight tooth and nail to make sure it NEVER got checked in. Always hand carry your axe. You’ll look like a rockstar carrying the case on board anyway. So this story, like every fairy tale, has a happy ending. Whenever I need a stress relief, whenever I need to go to my place of power, that Jade Green Custom 24 is my trusty steed. I guess now I understand why everyone plays one. She sure is a joy to play.

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Arda Demirbag's PRS

Arda Demirbag

So it’s been about 3 years now, I was working in a small guitar shop. There was a 25th Anniversary SE Custom 24 there and quite frankly it played better than all the other guitars (most of which were American) in the shop and somehow stayed in tune incredibly. I asked myself how a Korean made instrument be THAT good. That’s what’s started everything. I googled the brand, did some research and watched some videos. It wasn’t too long before it became an obsession. 2 years later I went to the retail store, tried every single model they had for 2 weeks and bought my first PRS (a 2012 Custom 24 Custom Color). Since then, the guitar changed a lot about the way I play. It’s my main guitar and as a session musician I use it in every record. I should thank Mr. PRS for making such high quality instruments that inspire us musicians and make us push our limits.

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Anthony Heckman's PRS

Anthony Heckman
United States

I still remember when I got mine like it was yesterday. Back in 2010, I had been playing for a few years, I saw that Shinedown was having a guitar contest with the grand prize being a PRS SE Singlecut and a private guitar lesson. I, already having tickets to the show and just had learned “Sound of Madness” on guitar, decided to enter and give it a shot. A week before the show I got the phone call saying I won. My family and I drove to the show where my dad and I were escorted backstage into the Shinedown dressing room. Mr. Zach Myers came in, my new guitar in hand, sat down and taught me a few songs and techniques. Such a surreal experience, truly a day I’ll never forget. That was when I realized that all guitar players, from the at home player like me to rockstars like Zach Myers, all share the same passion and excitement for the craft. It was also on that day that Zach Myers became not only one of my inspirations on guitar but also as a human being by seeing how down to earth and genuinely friendly he is to a fan. The guitar always has that special meaning to me, one of my favorite in my collection. To this day I still play the guitar and play the songs that I learned that day.

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