Buying a PRS is a special memory. Chances are you spent months gazing at it in a product catalog, on a website or on the wall at your local guitar store.

Either way, it's hard to forget the moment you finally take it home with you.

Here at PRS, we love hearing the stories of satisfied customers and the day they purchased their PRS Guitars. If you have a story about buying your PRS, tell us below!

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Jay Smith's PRS

Jay Smith
United States

My wife and I were on our 7th wedding anniversary camping trip and due to a heavy rainstorm, we drove to the nearest town just to do some shopping and errands while the rain was coming down. She wanted to go to a certain craft store and as we pulled into the parking lot I noticed a music store down the sidewalk. I told her I would join her in a few minutes, after going in to look at and play some guitars. As soon as I walked in, it was love at first site. A 20th Anniversary Custom 24 in Vintage Natural grabbed my heart and would not let go. 45 minutes later, after playing it and justifying the biggest impulse buy of my life, I bought it and then met back up with my wife. She could tell by the look on my face that I had been “up to something.” Her first words were “what have you done?” Then I had to confess. She was surprised at such an impulse buy, but wound up being OK with it, knowing it was a well thought out decision. I told her I knew in less than a minute that I wanted to buy that guitar and spent the other 44 minutes figuring out how to pay for it and what I was going to tell her when we met up. Well, the rain finally stopped and we had a great remainder of our 7th anniversary, and a few days later I got to enjoy my 20th anniversary (PRS) when it arrived from the music store. Now 10 years later, it’s still one of my favorite guitars of all time and was the gateway to all things PRS, like a 2nd Custom 24, two PRS amps, as well as attending the Experience PRS event every year since 2008.

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Brian Davies PRS

Brian Davies
United States

Back in 1995, I decided to shop for something new, to get me out of my self-imposed “guitar retirement”.  I ended up buying a 1995 CE24 model, in Cherry Sunburst. . I absolutely love it; it’s still in fantastic shape, receives great care, and is the guitar you hear on the studio tracks of my CD. But that’s another story. So in March of 2010, my phone rings. It’s my friend Julie, who asks, “Did you know that Paul Reed Smith is at Sweetwater Sound (in Ft Wayne, IN) today?” Well, ah, No. “How soon can you be ready? He’s there until 6:00!” We get there, and there’s room full of PRS guitars on stands, in nearly every color of their rainbow. Beautiful! Paul comes over to autograph my axe, and I’m just beaming. I mention that “She Smolders” is my favorite tune on his Dragons CD. He says, “You’re kidding me. I’m the only one in the group who likes that song; everybody else hated it. You know who sang that, don’t you?” Paul then sings a snippet of the first verse. Damn, this is neat. He then picks up my guitar and says, “Oooo, your truss rod needs tightening.” So Paul himself gets out an adjustment tool and proceeds to fix my guitar while I watch. Daaaaaamn, this is neat! A few more minutes chatting, an autograph on my electronics cover and my copy of Paul’s CD, and he has to move on to others. So a day that begins rather slowly ends with me meeting my favorite guitar brand’s builder personally.

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Lucas LeCompte's PRS

Lucas LeCompte
United States

PRS has always been a guitar brand I knew I could trust; Aaron Marshall and Mark Holcomb are two guys who I follow closely and have always admired their dedication to PRS. I joined a band recently and found out all our songs use seven string guitars, I wanted to get another seven string guitar as a backup I started looking around and what do you know, a PRS SE 7 custom was available close to me, so I went and checked it out. The first time I saw the guitar, I was blown away at how great it looked. When I played it, I was shocked it played even better than it looked! I was very impressed with it and bought it. I love it so much it is now my main seven string! I will be a PRS player for years to come!

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David Cahill's PRS

David Cahill
United Kingdom

Some things cant be put into words, there is a feeling I get when I pick up any of my PRS that I don’t get with any other guitar I’ve owned, its hard to describe. Perhaps this picture shows you a glimpse of that feeling (I have the Mira and my singer is using my 305), for me, its about hard working musicians using hard working guitars to make music people remember and connect to. Why did I choose PRS? Simply nothing else does the job for me.

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Alex Lee's PRS

Alex Lee

Last year, I came across an ad for a 2001 PRS McCarty, in a goldtop finish. Being a lefty, I had never even seen a left-handed PRS guitar in real life. I decided to e-mail the guy selling the instrument and to try it out. Needless to say, I was blown away by the attention to detail, the looks and the feel of the guitar. A few days later, I got to try it through my own rig and I was sold instantly. That axe had to be mine. Since then, I bought another PRS. My second (and probably not last) PRS guitar is a 2012 Custom 22 in a red flame finish. Again, I am delighted with the sound, finish, superior build quality and feel. PRS rocks!

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John Taylor's PRS

John Taylor
United States

In 2009 I started searching for the perfect guitar, knowing that it may be the most impossible mission I could think of. I have owned Gibson, Ibanez, Jackson, Epiphone and many, many others. I looked at magazines, books, videos and in August of 2014 I found a factory tour of the Paul Reed Smith Guitar Company on YouTube, a company that I had never heard of before but recognized names like Carlos Santana and Mark Tremonti. I started watching all the videos I could find about PRS and stumbled upon the “Rules Of Tone” videos. After watching them about a hundred times, noticing the care and devotion he put into his craft and carefully selecting the best tone woods from across the world and that is when I realized that this is the guitar manufacturer that I have been looking for all these years. I started looking everywhere to find the perfect PRS for my needs, which is being the most reliable for me to have on stage or just jamming with friends or simply blowing my wife’s eardrums out of her skull. I came across Guitar Center and found an absolutely beautiful 2012 Custom 22 online and ordered it without even thinking twice about it and I have never done anything like that before. When I got the guitar I was amazed at the craftsmanship and the quality of tone. After playing with it for 6 hours straight I got back online and ordered a 2013 SE Angelus. I have to say that 1. I recommend a Paul Reed Smith guitar over anything that is out there, to anyone that is serious about quality guitars and 2. I will never purchase another guitar from any other brand. I am and forever will be a PRS customer and will be ordering my own Private Stock sometime this year. I would tell anyone to watch the “Rules Of Tone” videos on YouTube and go from there.

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