Buying a PRS is a special memory. Chances are you spent months gazing at it in a product catalog, on a website or on the wall at your local guitar store.

Either way, it's hard to forget the moment you finally take it home with you.

Here at PRS, we love hearing the stories of satisfied customers and the day they purchased their PRS Guitars. If you have a story about buying your PRS, tell us below!

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Joe Grell's PRS

Joe Grell

I have been fortunate to have gone through the PRS buying experience four times. A custom 24, HB II Artist Package, Singlecut Trem and the most recent, a 9.8 pound Custom 24 Brazilian Artist Package. They are all the best playing, most versatile instruments I’ve ever owned. Next November I plan to try an acoustic, can’t wait!

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Samuel Lucas' PRS

Samuel Lucas

My first instrument was drums, I have been playing since I was 5. And even as a young drummer, I would flip through my catalogs and stop and admire the beauty of PRS guitars, little did I know that I would pick up a guitar in the future and learn to play. Well, I had only been playing for about a year and was 20 years old when I bought mine, a gorgeous P22 in black gold wrap. It was the first guitar I ever bought, and I figured that if I was going to get serious about playing, I needed a serious instrument to do so. And PRS makes the most serious instrument in the game! I spent several months dreaming and scoping out the inventories that the guys at Music Store Live and Chicago Music Exchange had in-store. Then finally, I saw “the one”; a 2013 P22 from Music Store Live, #13198014. It spoke to me in a special way and I couldn’t say no. Not even a year later, I bought a magnificent PRS Custom 20 amp from the limited run that PRS built, a smaller power version of the custom 50, to make the perfect gig mate for my P22. I couldn’t be happier with my rig, run through a small pedalboard that gives me the bare essentials (this amp covers enough tonal ground that my pedalboard can be pretty minimalistic; a tc electronic polytene 2 mini tuner, an exotic effects sp compressor, into a tc electronic nova repeater, and then into a custom USA made hardwire supernatural ambient verb). I love the rig I’ve built and I play out in public with it every single Friday night and Sunday morning, I couldn’t be happier. Thank you PRS for making amazing, fully functional, pieces of art; they inspire me to better my skills and become a better player. I can’t walk into my little home studio and see that gorgeous piece of wood without picking it up and making it sing! Wouldn’t trade my P22 or Custom 20 amp for anything!

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Desi Serna's PRS

Desi Serna
Spring Hill, Tennessee

Back in the year 2003 I found myself standing in line at Elderly Instruments in Lansing, Michigan. Paul Smith was in town for a meet-and-greet at the store. Each fan in our long line had their own PRS guitar on hand, hoping to have the master craftsman autograph their instrument. As I saw those before me reveal beautiful, sparkling clean, new PRS guitars, some with their tags still attached, I grew more and more nervous of my imminent meeting with the builder of my instrument. I was carrying an old, beat-up gig bag. Inside was my 1994 CE24, purchased from Durdel’s Music in Toledo, Ohio, one of Paul’s first dealers. This guitar had a simple finish, even missing PRS’s now well-known signature bird inlays. The guitar was dirty, scratched and chipped from heavy use. The frets were worn, and it was missing a string.

Well, when it was finally my turn to present my PRS to Paul, I was truly embarrassed. I sheepishly explained that, yes, the guitar had seen better days, and I thought I could get it autographed before retiring it to the wall as a keep-sake. As I pulled my guitar out, I could see his eyes light up. “Whoa! What did you do to this thing?” I told him that this guitar had been my primary axe, gigging with it three to five nights a week for nearly ten years. “No, no, no, you can’t retire this thing!” he insisted.

Paul immediately began going over the guitar from end to end, explaining to me in some detail the repairs and updates he could make. He was not going to let one of his creations sit idle on a wall. He wanted the guitar back out in the clubs, being used the way is was made to be used.

We shipped the guitar to the factory where it was updated with new hardware, electronics, and frets, and then finally returned back into my waiting arms. And out on the road we went, grinding out another thousand gigs and sessions. Paul’s autograph has since worn off the guitar, but my customer satisfaction has not. Who would have thought that I would receive such a special reward for wearing out a guitar? In the book of Genesis, God blesses the first man and woman, telling them to “fill the earth and subdue it.” It seems that this world, and the things in it are for us to use, rather than simply to be admired. I learned that Paul was happier to see his creations being played by his customers than perhaps safely tucked away as a collector’s item.

One thing that Paul Smith might not have foreseen back in 2003, was that I would use that guitar in a series of online videos that would eventually rack up millions of views, plus a set of DVDs that would sell in the tens of thousands around the world. That, in itself, is proof that great customer service will go a long way. Furthermore, I can now boast of several more PRS models in my arsenal of guitars.

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Mark G PRS

Mark Gettemeyer

Coming from a modest background, I never could afford a decent guitar as a kid. I spent my teen years playing pawn shop specials and lower end guitars that never fretted correctly, had lousy intonation and really just slurped a lot of the joy out of playing. Being a huge and long-time fan of Rush, once I got my career established I found my way to PRS as Alex Lifeson was playing them in the 90’s. My custom24 was built in 2004 and is a standard issue guitar (not custom) in Vintage Yellow. It remains my favorite go-to guitar - it’s had no issues, the finish on the bridge is getting affected by my hand resting on it when I play, and there are very small dings in it here and there, but it has made playing every bit as enjoyable as I knew it could be. It is a trusted companion and, as it was my first well-crafted guitar, it will forever hold a place in my studio; never to be traded or sold. Thanks for taking the time to put so much love, conviction and passion into your instruments - it makes a huge difference!

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Diego's PRS

Diego "Checo" Umana
Costa Rica

Hi there - I am a guitar player from Costa Rica. I have over 30 years playing guitar for several bands and have played many brands and types. From Jackson, Charvel, Parker, Yamaha, ESP to Fender Telecasters and Stratocasters finally to Gibson SG and Les Paul - I was mostly playing Les Pauls yet I needed something different: great body and low end yet with great clear highs and a more variety of tones. Also, I wanted a guitar that was stable, trust-worthy and playable. I started using some Floyd-equiped guitars as the available bridges (non-locking) were not stable enough, which was a bummer. In an business trip to the USA, I had the chance to play a few PRS guitars at Sweetwater: a Santana model, a 513, a P22 and a CU24. I just instantly fell in love with the Custom 24. It was the best sounding and easiest to play instrument I’d ever gotten my hands on. I felt like a virtuoso in a second. I remember I was very impressed with the stability of the PRS hybrid tremolo on that guitar, the confidence provided by the Phase III locking tuners, the amount of brass in the guitars hardware (which I know improves the tone a lot) and of course, amazing looks and impressive maple tops. I knew these guitars were expensive so I saved for about a year and took advantage of financial facilities offered by ‘357 Guitars’ in Costa Rica and got my stunning 2013 ‘Fire Red’ PRS CU 24, natural back and neck,with 57/08 pickups and hybrid hardware. I got my guitar on the Friday the 13th of 2013. I just can’t stop playing her! PRS rocks!

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Dale's PRS

Dale Golden

This is a bit of a long story, but basically, I saved up forever and got rid if some of my cheap starter guitars to have the money for it when I was 15. Custom ordered a 25th anniversary custom 24. Well about 2 months went by and my teenage impatience got the best of me. I called my store to cancel the order and I bought one off the rack. Well, what I didn’t know was that my dad called and “uncancelled” the order. A month or so later, I lost my dad to a heart attack. My dad and the store owner were great friends so he called my mom and told her the situation and she said just get it here. So a few months down the road, I’m hanging out at Flores music and my mom shows up, which was odd. Mike went and grabbed a case out of the back and handed it to me. He explained what had happened and my jaw just dropped. This is my baby. No other guitar will ever outshine it in my heart. No matter what happens in my life, even if I’m living on the street, with nothing to my name. I will NEVER sell that guitar. It’s the last gift I ever received from my father and it means the world to me. He was so passionate about my music and it’s a daily reminder of how much he loved me. In the frame next to it is an electronics backing plate for it signed by Paul himself.

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