Buying a PRS is a special memory. Chances are you spent months gazing at it in a product catalog, on a website or on the wall at your local guitar store.

Either way, it's hard to forget the moment you finally take it home with you.

Here at PRS, we love hearing the stories of satisfied customers and the day they purchased their PRS Guitars. If you have a story about buying your PRS, tell us below!

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Clement's PRS

Clément Andrzejewski

I’ve owned several guitars but always wanted a PRS. My first one was a SE Santana model, It was an amazing instrument for the price. I sold this one but it was just to save up money for a US Custom 22! Last month my dream came true, a wonderful 10-top in my hands! And I’m already crazy about it, maybe I’ll save up for a custom 24. I play in a progressive metal band (and a fan of PRS owners like Dustie Waring and Mikael Akerfeldt), I can tell that the guitar does the job, and can do anything.

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Jeff Brown PRS

Jeffrey Brown

I purchased my PRS Santana 2 back in 2012. I had seen it hanging on the wall at my local Guitar Center and had to try it out. I bought it that day. No way was I leaving with out it! The most awesome guitar I have ever owned. Just seeing it hanging on the wall was all it took for me. It plays amazing and looks amazing too. I love PRS guitars more than any other brand. I’m already planning on buying my second PRS very soon.

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Telly S. PRS Guitar

Telly S.

My first introduction to PRS Guitars was meeting Paul Reed Smith in NYC 2009. He put his own personal model guitar in my hands. Said “Hold this”..I was like ok. The body looked amazing, the feel was so sleek. It took me a long time to feel a guitar that was right for me. Paul truly knows how to make a quality product. Two years later I bought my first PRS, a Clint Lowery Signature PRS. I wanted a guitar that was beautiful and loud. Paul signed it a year ago, so this is my main guitar for now. I also have a Tremonti SE Vintage Cherry as well. PRS Guitars are my main choice for my creative expression. Thanks PRS Guitars and Happy 30th Anniversary.

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Matthew P's PRS Guitar

Matthew P

In 2001, after quite a while of saving up, my mother brought me to a Sam Ash Music store to buy a classic guitar I had wanted for a very long time. I came in and played it for a while through a half stack and, despite the fact that I had never even played one before, I kept eyeing the PRS guitars hanging up behind the counter. My mother noticed and said, you keep staring at them, why don’t you try one out? So the sales person took down a standard for me to plug in. The comfortability of the neck was absolute heaven as I played a few chords and various licks and riffs by PRS artists who I had admired. That other guitar I came in for was no longer cutting it.

Since the standard was a bit more then I had to spend the sale person recommended their credit card with no interest. An hour later I walked out of the store with my very first PRS guitar. Heroes of mine - Mark Tremonti, Mike Einziger and Daniel Johns played these guitars and they always seemed out of reach to me. I felt like I finally had a tool of the trade that would help me sonically advance. I ended up playing that standard through my very first tour in Summer 2004 and feel like that guitar was the real game changer for me as a writer and player. Since then I have acquired a Custom 24 and two Hollowbody’s that I use in my band Scattered Light.

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Charlie K's PRS Guitar

Charlie K

A few years ago I dropped by my local PRS dealer to pick up the PRS SE 2x12 cabinet that I had ordered. The manager was interested in the sound of the cab, so he had me demo it. They had a Bernie Marsden on the wall so I picked it up. Magic happened. I bought the guitar the next day. It is one of my main guitars if not the main guitar (I have other PRS instruments now.)

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Corey T's PRS Guitars

Corey T

Back in May of 2012 I took a guitar to a shop to have some work done to it and I noticed a few PRS SE and Core guitars hanging on the wall. I had just got back into guitars after not playing for thirty years, and I had never heard of PRS before. I asked about the price difference between the two, and the tech/sales guy explained a little to me about PRS.

The next day I started looking at other stores too that carried PRS, and I found one within a few miles of my work. I went in and looked at a yellow 2012 SE Santana, played it, and I liked it very much. I had the store owner order me one in orange, and that lead me down the path to many more PRS guitars. As you can see from the photo, I acquired several more SEs including the new Kingfisher bass, and also a 408 MT which is one of the best guitars I have ever owned. I even got my youngest son an SE Semi-Hollow for his birthday a few years back, and he absolutely loves it. I also like how these guitars stay in tune very well compared to other brands I had owned in the past.

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