Buying a PRS is a special memory. Chances are you spent months gazing at it in a product catalog, on a website or on the wall at your local guitar store.

Either way, it's hard to forget the moment you finally take it home with you.

Here at PRS, we love hearing the stories of satisfied customers and the day they purchased their PRS Guitars. If you have a story about buying your PRS, tell us below!

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Joseph H.
Greensboro NC

In 2006, I was traveling in Phoenix and had a day to kill. Went to a well known music store to look for a Les Paul. Everything I tried had some kind of issue. All the time I was playing those guitars there was this beautiful Emerald Green guitar hanging behind the register. I’d never seen one before. I’d never heard of a PRS before. I finally asked to play it. Sat down in front of a DRRI and plugged it in. It was already in tune! It felt good, it sounded great. It demanded that I take it home. People talk about “buyers remorse”, I don’t know what they are talking about. I’ve never regretted it for a single second. My 2006 Cu24 Artist package:

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Vaughn K

Vaughn K.

My father used to take me to music stores when I was a teenager. On one of our usual trips one day, we came across this display in the middle of the store with several beautiful guitars of a brand we hadn’t heard of…PRS. We were amazed at the beauty of these translucent colored maple tops with incredible flame and figuring. Colors we’d never seen on a guitar before - whale blue really caught my attention. Then, we noticed these strange, but awesome looking bird inlays on the fretboard. We never saw such distinct and interesting inlays. I was afraid to pick one up, much less play one that day. They were way out of my price range and being a young, intermediate guitar player, I wasn’t ready for a guitar of this caliber yet. We got a catalogue and talked about those PRS guitars the rest of the day. The beauty and craftsmanship really made an impression on both of us. That day, I told my dad, somehow I was going to get a PRS someday.

Several months later, I played one and fell in love. It had a big, thick, rich tone and a singing quality about it. The playability far surpassed anything else I’d ever played. After a few years of obsessing, I had to find a way. I stumbled across an old Star Wars action figure in a pawn shop one day and it was expensive! Wait a minute, I had tons of these things! My dad made me take really good care of these toys. I talked to my dad, and with his permission, we found a buyer for all of it. It was enough to fund my PRS purchase! I went and tried out several PRS and decided to special order one with exactly what I wanted. Custom 22- 10 top, whale blue, wide-thin neck and stoptail. The wait…8 months, if memory serves me. I didn’t know at the time, but PRS was moving to the Stevensville factory. Anticipation was killing me. Then, I got the call. I raced to the store, opened the case and just about fell over. Plugged in a few minutes to make sure it everything worked and that guitar screamed. I drove home….fast, so I could show my dad. I was excited beyond belief. I got home, kneeling on the living room floor, both my parents waiting, and I opened up the case. Lots of ooohs, aaahs and wows came out. It was just like the first time my dad and I saw a PRS guitar. Amazement. My mom loved the blue color. That day will be ingrained in my mind forever. I still have that guitar and it has served me well, providing years of inspiration to play, write and express myself musically. It’s also made me buy a bunch more over the years.

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John L

John L.
Phoenix, AZ

In 2006, I had been playing single coil, J-Master type guitars for over a decade. Our other guitar player at the time left the band, and we were having trouble replacing him, so we continued on as a three piece. We all agreed that the guitar tones needed to be beefed up with a guitar with humbuckers. I had initially expected to purchase a SG, but went into it with an open mind and played guitars of all varieties and price points looking for just the right one. It was funny, I couldn’t find a SG that sounded halfway decent. I tried several Les Pauls, and none really satisfied me. I hadn’t really considered a PRS going into it.

One local shop was having an end-of-year clearance and had this PRS Custom 22 with moons at a good price. Next to it was a Standard 22 with birds, and they were within $100 of each other. Both of them really blew me away with their tones and playability, and I had a hard time deciding between them. With its maple top, the Custom was slightly brighter toned than the Standard. Coming from brighter single coil guitars, I thought the Custom would be less of a transition, so I bought it. I had never spent this much money on a guitar before. However, time has proven this to be a fantastic investment. I have continued to play it for 8 years and counting. I have three other PRS guitars now, two SEs and one other USA (Mira), and this one continues to be the best all around.

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SE Bernie Marsden

Mike G.

I’d headed past Manchester, back over the winding, undulating road that is the Snake Pass and headed into Sheffield. I wasn’t there to buy but return a faulty guitar by another manufacturer. I looked on the walls for something that took my fancy - as I always do - but the good stuff was out of my price range. The owner told me they had a PRS SE Bernie Marsden in the back that had just arrived. I’d heard good things about this guitar but, being new out, could never find it in stock so it passed me by. The guitar came fresh out the box in tune and perfectly set up. A good start! I fell in love even before plugging it in. The neck was perfect, frets where silky smooth and the build quality was just perfect The whole guitar looked stunning. I plugged it into an amp and sat there playing with a smile on my face. I’d been searching for years for a good singlecut and now I had found it.

The guitar, referred to simply as ‘The Bernie’, has been my main guitar for a few years now and will be for many years to come. The quality is such that when I come to buy my next guitar, PRS will be my first port of call!

Of course, I’ve made a few small changes to it, but that’s because it’s MY PRS!

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