Alex N. Nevada, USA

Alex N.

I remember being in school and just picking up the guitar, I didn’t know anything about guitars or the impact they could have on a player. It seemed like everyday I would read through guitar magazines and drool over cool guitars. One day I turned the page and saw the Carlos Santana signature model and I immediately fell in love with PRS Guitars. A few weeks later I saw the McCarty Signature in a beautiful red flame top and I made my mind up that one day I would own a PRS Guitar.

Almost 10 years later I joined the United States Air Force and had been so busy with deployments that music almost fell out of my life. Wanting to spark my desire to play music again, I went and bought a used PRS SE 245 before I deployed again. I felt like a little kid again playing that instrument, I took it with me whenever I left home for extended periods of time or every time I deployed.

On my 2012 deployment I emailed PRS and asked if I could send them a flag that my crew and I had been flying over Afghanistan over the duration of our deployment. Almost instantly Matt King emailed me back and asked if I would like to tour the factory when I return home from my deployment. I was blown away at the offer to come see the production of the guitars I had been drooling over since I was a little kid.It felt like my deployment was never going to end, as soon as I got back to the states my wife and I traveled to Maryland and met up with Matt at the factory. As I am sitting in the lobby for Matt to show me around, out walks the man himself…Paul Reed Smith. I had no idea Paul was going to be there and it blew me away, I am shaking hands with the man responsible for my desire to stay in music and he has no idea the impact he has made on a grown man that felt like a little kid again that day. I presented the flag our crew had flown over Afghanistan to Paul and we spoke for a while about the importance of that flag and what kind of missions it flew over the combat zone.

After Paul left, Matt gave me an awesome tour of the factory and answered about 1,000 questions I had about the process. I never felt rushed or that anyone was being forced to talk to me, the whole staff was just awesome. I left the PRS factory that day knowing that I would play a PRS for the rest of my life and I would do whatever I needed to keep playing guitar something that is a part life’s routine. 3 years later and I have finally been able to reach out to a dealer and I just ordered an Artist Package Tremonti with a Indian Rosewood neck. I know it’s going to be a long 5-6 months for the order to be completed but I know it’s going to be worth every second I wait.

Thank you guys for making such awesome instruments that have the ability to inspire people to keep playing and Happy 30 year Anniversary.

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