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I still remember when I got mine like it was yesterday. Back in 2010, I had been playing for a few years, I saw that Shinedown was having a guitar contest with the grand prize being a PRS SE Singlecut and a private guitar lesson. I, already having tickets to the show and just had learned “Sound of Madness” on guitar, decided to enter and give it a shot. A week before the show I got the phone call saying I won. My family and I drove to the show where my dad and I were escorted backstage into the Shinedown dressing room. Mr. Zach Myers came in, my new guitar in hand, sat down and taught me a few songs and techniques. Such a surreal experience, truly a day I’ll never forget. That was when I realized that all guitar players, from the at home player like me to rockstars like Zach Myers, all share the same passion and excitement for the craft. It was also on that day that Zach Myers became not only one of my inspirations on guitar but also as a human being by seeing how down to earth and genuinely friendly he is to a fan. The guitar always has that special meaning to me, one of my favorite in my collection. To this day I still play the guitar and play the songs that I learned that day.

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