Arda Demirbag Turkey

Arda Demirbag's PRS

So it’s been about 3 years now, I was working in a small guitar shop. There was a 25th Anniversary SE Custom 24 there and quite frankly it played better than all the other guitars (most of which were American) in the shop and somehow stayed in tune incredibly. I asked myself how a Korean made instrument be THAT good. That’s what’s started everything. I googled the brand, did some research and watched some videos. It wasn’t too long before it became an obsession. 2 years later I went to the retail store, tried every single model they had for 2 weeks and bought my first PRS (a 2012 Custom 24 Custom Color). Since then, the guitar changed a lot about the way I play. It’s my main guitar and as a session musician I use it in every record. I should thank Mr. PRS for making such high quality instruments that inspire us musicians and make us push our limits.

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Anthony Heckman United States

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