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Back in 1995, I decided to shop for something new, to get me out of my self-imposed “guitar retirement”.  I ended up buying a 1995 CE24 model, in Cherry Sunburst. . I absolutely love it; it’s still in fantastic shape, receives great care, and is the guitar you hear on the studio tracks of my CD. But that’s another story. So in March of 2010, my phone rings. It’s my friend Julie, who asks, “Did you know that Paul Reed Smith is at Sweetwater Sound (in Ft Wayne, IN) today?” Well, ah, No. “How soon can you be ready? He’s there until 6:00!” We get there, and there’s room full of PRS guitars on stands, in nearly every color of their rainbow. Beautiful! Paul comes over to autograph my axe, and I’m just beaming. I mention that “She Smolders” is my favorite tune on his Dragons CD. He says, “You’re kidding me. I’m the only one in the group who likes that song; everybody else hated it. You know who sang that, don’t you?” Paul then sings a snippet of the first verse. Damn, this is neat. He then picks up my guitar and says, “Oooo, your truss rod needs tightening.” So Paul himself gets out an adjustment tool and proceeds to fix my guitar while I watch. Daaaaaamn, this is neat! A few more minutes chatting, an autograph on my electronics cover and my copy of Paul’s CD, and he has to move on to others. So a day that begins rather slowly ends with me meeting my favorite guitar brand’s builder personally.

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