Carlo Beusenberg Netherlands

Carlo Beusenberg

I played only Gibson for years until I met someone who wanted to trade a PRS McCarty for my Gibson LP, I had seen so many beautiful PRS guitars on the internet and in guitar magazines and a few of my heroes (Tremonti, Neal Schon) played on PRS guitars so I did the trade without even play or hear the McCarty! But what the hell I owned 10 LP’s at the time so one less didn’t bother me!

I got home and plugged the McCarty in my amp and the sound and playability blew me away!! What a fantastic guitar and it stayed in tune forever, not what I could say about my LP’s! In the months that passed I sold and traded all of my Gibsons for PRS guitars, even Private Stocks and man it was the best decision I had made, I own 6 PRS guitars at this moment, 3 Private’s , Tremonti, CU 24 from 1991, McCarty, I am a Signature member from the beginning and visited the Experience 2 times in the last 5 years and I love it!!

I am hooked to PRS for the rest of my life and I do not need anything else!!!

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