Chad D. Indiana, USA

Chad D.

This isn’t the conventional story of “how I bought my PRS” this is more of how I got mine. This is still a very hard story to tell.

Back when I was in my early twenties I was in a band like I’m sure a lot of us were. We had gotten a new guitarist named Kyle. Through the band he and I had become very close friends and we did everything together, whether it was writing songs, playing shows or just out being stupid kids. Over the years he had come to collect a few PRS guitars, one being this beautiful royal blue single cut. I remember when he got it I was so jealous, it was my dream guitar that I know I could never afford. I had even painted my own lespaul to mimic the same finish.

When he moved away he and I would still stay in touch. As fate would have it Kyle had passed away about a month ago today. He still had all his guitars including this royal blue PRS single cut. After his death and talking to his family about the good times he and I had shared and the music we made together. His parents decided to give his PRS single cut to me so that I would always have a part of him and so I could always pick it up and play the guitar of my dreams and remember and honor a good friend of mine. The minute I got home it was hard to pick up and play without getting emotional, but once I got passed the emotions playing the guitar was more than I had dreamt. The sound and feel from it was truly amazing.

I didn’t know much about it so i contacted PRS customer support told them my story and sent them pictures of it and asked if they could tell me any information about it, it would mean the world to me. As to my surprise they had emailed me back with all the details they had along with thier condolences and that really made me understand that PRS is more than just a company. They care about their customers and thier guitars. I have so much respect for the company and the PRS guitar that I now own. That is my story.

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