Christopher M. Pennsylvania, USA

Christopher M.

I go into the Guitar Gallery in Washington, PA usually on a weekly basis. Always some amazing guitars there, and also the chance to talk with Vic Dapra about new gear. I walked in a few weeks ago and saw a new PRS hanging in the “ask before playing” section. I had to check it out. I played it for a few minutes and had to put it down before I bought it right there. It was a PRS 30th Anniversary Custom 24 Artist in faded whale blue.

After leaving the store I went and grabbed some lunch and I could not stop thinking about the guitar. After some thought I cancelled a meeting and went straight back to the store and put money down to hold it. Within a few weeks I paid it off and now I don’t want to play anything else. I have attached a picture with my McCarty that I also love, but has not seen much action lately.

Thank you to PRS for an amazing instrument and to the Guitar Gallery for amazing service and setup.

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