Corey T

Corey T's PRS Guitars

Back in May of 2012 I took a guitar to a shop to have some work done to it and I noticed a few PRS SE and Core guitars hanging on the wall. I had just got back into guitars after not playing for thirty years, and I had never heard of PRS before. I asked about the price difference between the two, and the tech/sales guy explained a little to me about PRS.

The next day I started looking at other stores too that carried PRS, and I found one within a few miles of my work. I went in and looked at a yellow 2012 SE Santana, played it, and I liked it very much. I had the store owner order me one in orange, and that lead me down the path to many more PRS guitars. As you can see from the photo, I acquired several more SEs including the new Kingfisher bass, and also a 408 MT which is one of the best guitars I have ever owned. I even got my youngest son an SE Semi-Hollow for his birthday a few years back, and he absolutely loves it. I also like how these guitars stay in tune very well compared to other brands I had owned in the past.

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