Diego "Checo" Umana Costa Rica

Diego's PRS

Hi there - I am a guitar player from Costa Rica. I have over 30 years playing guitar for several bands and have played many brands and types. From Jackson, Charvel, Parker, Yamaha, ESP to Fender Telecasters and Stratocasters finally to Gibson SG and Les Paul - I was mostly playing Les Pauls yet I needed something different: great body and low end yet with great clear highs and a more variety of tones. Also, I wanted a guitar that was stable, trust-worthy and playable. I started using some Floyd-equiped guitars as the available bridges (non-locking) were not stable enough, which was a bummer. In an business trip to the USA, I had the chance to play a few PRS guitars at Sweetwater: a Santana model, a 513, a P22 and a CU24. I just instantly fell in love with the Custom 24. It was the best sounding and easiest to play instrument I’d ever gotten my hands on. I felt like a virtuoso in a second. I remember I was very impressed with the stability of the PRS hybrid tremolo on that guitar, the confidence provided by the Phase III locking tuners, the amount of brass in the guitars hardware (which I know improves the tone a lot) and of course, amazing looks and impressive maple tops. I knew these guitars were expensive so I saved for about a year and took advantage of financial facilities offered by ‘357 Guitars’ in Costa Rica and got my stunning 2013 ‘Fire Red’ PRS CU 24, natural back and neck,with 57/08 pickups and hybrid hardware. I got my guitar on the Friday the 13th of 2013. I just can’t stop playing her! PRS rocks!

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