Eric Newman Leesburg, VA

Eric Newman

All my life I had crap guitars and crappier amplifiers. I never really had a chance to play “good” ones. The closest I’d gotten was and old ‘71 SG that had the neck broken one too many times, and eventually shattered. I slowly got more and more disenchanted with my SOUND, and played less and less.

About a dozen or so years ago, I found myself with lots of time on my hands. I began a search for a good guitar, now that I could afford one. After several uninspiring trips to local music stores, I eventually settled for a decent Les Paul. It was a start, and it got me playing again.

Within a year, I was in a garage band. We went through other guitar players every few months, but occasionally we’d have one with a PRS. I’d gawk and drool, but never asked to play one. They LOOKED amazing. As things progressed, a friend told me about the 2010 Experience PRS event. I watched videos, and I scanned the web site. There was something about these guitars that called to me. I started to collect other kinds of instruments I’d always wanted, but somehow never thought to get a PRS, since I’d never played one. Then, at Experience PRS, I was suddenly SURROUNDED by these amazing instruments. I could smell the sawdust. I could feel the raw wood. It seeped into my soul. On the second day, I finally discovered the Amp Room. There for the first time, I pickup up a PRS, plugged it in, and heard angels singing… It was amazing - the feel, the shape, the SUSTAIN, the SOUL!

I left that day with a splinter in my soul that festered… Within a month, I owned an 10-top Aurora Borealis P22. I would sit and just gaze into It. Overnight, it became THE guitar I played. Then, at a local show, I got my first ding. It was tiny, but it made me want to cry. I thought to myself, I need ANOTHER one, a beater, so that I can worry less, and leave my treasured guitar home, and let the new one take the hits. I found the most amazing USED 2001 Jade Custom 24, with a ONE piece 10-top at a local guitar center, hanging up so high, they had to go get the BIG ladder to get it down for me. Unplayed, and unloved this guitar whimpered in my hands, and said “take me home…”. I did. Now, I started to understand the PRS tremolo. I understood WHY it was winning. I saw how crappy my other tremolo experiences had been. Wow. But alas, my beloved P22 had a hard tail.

Experience PRS for 2011 was an opportunity to take my dear wife, and show her what all the fuss was about. I even took her to the AMP room, where I’d learned there were some cool new Doug Sewell designs. As I sat down, I was initially disappointed that there was no amazing new guitar to try the amp out with… What was this Model? I pickup this amazingly light guitar, plugged it in, and was stunned. WHAT IS THIS? I’d never seen a Mira before. It was almost like a ghost of that old SG to my hands… it felt.. RIGHT. It took the better part of that day to track one down, because I HAD to have one. ... And by the way, I eventually picked up the Custom 50 CAD amp, that paired with it so well… Now it seemed like the Custom 24 was fitting my needs just a tiny bit better for a daily player, but the tone of the Mira kept me hypnotized for many styles of things I was playing. And the P22 would just be the icing on the cake for those special songs, on special nights where it could dazzle both with looks and sounds.

Then suddenly Experience 2012 was upon us.and low and behold I stumbled upon a Burnt Almond P24, with Tremolo! And it had an Ebony fingerboard on a Korina Neck. I…had…to…have…this…guitar. I had found my go-to guitar for almost every style I played. So different from the P22, yet so right. They both make sense to me. Now I have an entourage. I treasure this family of PRSs, and look forward to being inspired by another one some day.

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