Gordon Hunter Scotland

Gordon Hunter

I am from Scotland and bought my first PRS from the Sam Ash store in New York in 1997. Having lusted after a PRS for a few years (blame Alex Lifeson of Rush!) there were few to be found in Edinburgh and Glasgow guitar shops (2 or 3 guitars here and there). So a business trip to the Big Apple gave me the opportunity to see if Sam Ash might stock 1 or 2. The rack of PRS’s was a sight for sore eyes. I tried a few but my budget didn’t stretch to bird inlays etc. On Day 1, I left the shop empty handed. How could I explain to my wife that I’d spent a £1,000+ on a guitar?! You must remember that copper wire was invented by two Scots fighting over a penny!

However, on Day 2 I returned to the shop with a business colleague and duly splashed the cash. He later told me that when I walked into Sam Ash, behind my back, the two sales assistants who had helped me the day before, mimicked casting a fly rod hooking a fish and reeling it in!! I was there to be caught. I suspect the drooling gave it away!! The end result was that I have had 17 years pleasure from a modest PRS Custom 24 sunburst guitar. More importantly, I bought my wife and kids Big Apple tee shirts to assuage my guilt and demonstrate my Scottish generosity.

Thanks to PRS for years of fun. PS: See photo attached. I now also own a Singlecut Artist Package black beauty!

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