Hanspeter Stoeckli Switzerland

Hanspeter Stoeckli

For me, it all started in late summer of 2008. It started with a German magazine called Grand Guitars. Grand Gtrs reviewed the PRS Singlecut Hollowbody. And it was some kind of love at first sight. I knew I wanted to have one: same model but rather the Hollowbody I with the maple top. I evaluated blue matteo as the colour for my first PRS and ordered it from my local dealer. I got it in March 2009. Since then I’m a PRS aficionado.

Thanks to a good job and thanks to some savings I had the luck to increase my collection. Now I’m a very proud owner of eleven PRS beauties. I’m into limited editions and had the chance to get some rare models with Brazilian necks. I love these necks definitively. And know what, my 10th Anniversary Artist model celebrates its 20 years! After being one year with my first PRS guitars I wondered: “until today I didn’t see any musician playing a PRS guitar on stage.” A few weeks later I went to a small music club in the no man’s land between our capitol and where I live. The “Blues Caravan” was on tour and it was promoted in a radio show a few days in front of the concert. Don’t know if you know these musicians: Coco Montoya, Maria Meena or Shakura S’Aida? I guess you already know what’s coming: the guitarist playing with Shakura was Donna Grantis. And Donna played her PRS CE 22 (I believe it’s a CE 22..). She was marvellous and played like a guitar god in heaven. Of course I was very impressed! I really wish I could be as good as she is.

To round up: I’m afraid I sound like a rich guitar junkie able to buy everything what my eyes hit and my heart desires. It’s not the case, but this hobby is really one passion giving me a lot of satisfaction and pleasure. Imagine how free a builder can be in creating a guitar: so many possibilities to vary in details, woods, forms, colours, and styles. That’s what I’m impressed with all the time about guitars as music instruments. And to be honest: even me, I can play just one guitar at the time. Dreaming of the next PRS… I still don’t have an Angelus, nor a JA-15, nor a second Private Stock… Thank you PRS for all your guitars and new ideas.

Thank you, Dear Reader, to read my story and to share yours! (Photo: me and my PRS Private Stock)

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