Ignacio Mata Honduras

Ignacio Mata's PRS

Back in 2007 I flew from my native Honduras to Maryland to visit my sister and nephews. I decided to make a substantial purchase of a high end guitar of the LP-type with a highly figured top but hadn’t really considered PRS yet. Driving to all the guitar shops in a 100-mile radius and trying numerous offerings, I came upon my beautiful brand new PRS 513 Matteo Blue in 10-top flame maple. It was completely different than what I was looking for in terms of configuration, yet it was by far the most beautiful guitar I had ever laid eyes on and unlike other brands, it only took me minutes to decide this was the one. Being an aerospace engineer by profession and guitar electronics tinkerer, the design and electronics intrigued me as pure genius. Later that week I was also able to meet Paul in person and have him sign my guitar and PRS book. Paul is one of the funniest and most down to earth people I know, he will treat you no different than he treats any of the guitar superstars he works with. Three US-made PRS guitars later, I am still a loyal PRS fan attending experience events and clinics while making new friends that share this PRS passion.

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