Jason C. Texas, USA

Jason C.

I like the Misfits - not the Misfits today but Misfits with Glenn - Sorry Misfits. I grew up listening to John Christ wailing along side Glenn in the beginning of Danzig’s musical glory. I also like going into Guitar Center to dream of all the gear that is packed so neatly into one candy store. One day, I go into Guitar Center. I was wearing that Misfit’s shirt with the classic skull on it as tight as my body could handle. It must have looked like an infant’s tee on me stretched to it’s cottony limits. As soon as I walked into the door, a heavenly light shown down on me & it was this “Misfit’s Purple” PRS gleaming at the top of the wall. I immediately asked the guy how much & he went to the back, came back & stated that it was going for an “on sale” price that sounded way too good to be true as I thought to myself, THIS IS A PRS.

It was. It is. A beautiful Paul Reed Smith Custom with a glittered matching purple back cover job. I had to put a down payment on it. Five visits to my favorite candy store later & she was mine… “Super Sexy”. That’s what they called her & that’s what I call her today.

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