Jeremy M. Melbourne, Australia

Jeremy M.

It all started when I was 14 and learning to play trumpet, 2 years of learning “So What” by Miles Davis was enough to turn me off learning a musical instrument. At that age I was more serious about playing tennis until one fateful Saturday morning when I was watching video hits. An amazing song came on that reminded of Miles Davis but also Jimi Hendrix & Eddie Van Halen at the same time. “Always With Me, Always With You” by Joe staring made my trade my tennis racquet for an electric guitar and I haven’t looked back since.

I ventured down to the local guitar shop and the first electric guitar I saw when I entered the shop was Custom 24 with a flame red top… amazing, but at $5000 way to much for someone that had never played guitar before. The guitar journey began and during the passing years i’ve played in a number of original and cover bands, played numerous gigs and have released independent CD’s. The time eventually came to form my own band and record my own original music, it was then that I bit the bullet and lashed out and purchased a PRS, it was a glorious day and memories of that Flame Red custom 24 came flooding back. I was the proud owner of PRS guitar. It was a 96 McCarty and it is just a magic guitar, the feel, the balance, the neck, the sound and of course the looks!!!

Thanks PRS for creating such a wonderful instrument that has brought the best out of my playing and inspires me to create music every day.

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