Joe N. Ohio, USA

Joe N

When we start playing guitar, whether we start young or old, we all have a guitar that we wanted to own, our “bucket-list” guitar that we promised we’d have one day. Well, mine was a blue American-made PRS Custom 24. 13 years and about 30 guitars later I’m the very, very proud owner of a 2012 Custom 22 Swamp Ash Special, as well as a 2014 blue Custom 24! Every day when I play these guitars I can’t help but to admire them when I take them down off the wall. The craftsmanship is unparalleled, from the tip of the headstock down to the strap button these instruments are absolutely brilliant. When you hold a Paul Reed Smith guitar in your hands it’s unlike anything else, and playing one is a dream. I knew from the moment I received these instruments that I was not going to let them go. They’re ones that I’m going to cherish for the rest of my days! And I can not wait to get my next one!

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