John L. Phoenix, AZ

John L

In 2006, I had been playing single coil, J-Master type guitars for over a decade. Our other guitar player at the time left the band, and we were having trouble replacing him, so we continued on as a three piece. We all agreed that the guitar tones needed to be beefed up with a guitar with humbuckers. I had initially expected to purchase a SG, but went into it with an open mind and played guitars of all varieties and price points looking for just the right one. It was funny, I couldn’t find a SG that sounded halfway decent. I tried several Les Pauls, and none really satisfied me. I hadn’t really considered a PRS going into it.

One local shop was having an end-of-year clearance and had this PRS Custom 22 with moons at a good price. Next to it was a Standard 22 with birds, and they were within $100 of each other. Both of them really blew me away with their tones and playability, and I had a hard time deciding between them. With its maple top, the Custom was slightly brighter toned than the Standard. Coming from brighter single coil guitars, I thought the Custom would be less of a transition, so I bought it. I had never spent this much money on a guitar before. However, time has proven this to be a fantastic investment. I have continued to play it for 8 years and counting. I have three other PRS guitars now, two SEs and one other USA (Mira), and this one continues to be the best all around.

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