Keith Tenney Lincoln, Nebraska

Keith Tenney's PRS

This is my 2001 PRS Swamp Ash Special. It was ordered and purchased at Dietze Music in Lincoln, NE and to this day it is my most prized and trustworthy piece of gear in my collection. I was actually able to unbox this guitar from the factory and was the first person outside of the PRS shop to have the joy of playing it. I’ve had many guitars come and go, yet even 14 years later it remains my go-to and most favorite instrument to play. It’s been with me through multiple bands, a move out of state, and has been used on dozens of recordings. It’s loved just as much as the first day I saw it, and will be something I pass on as a family heirloom many years from now. Thank you all for making such amazing, reliable, and beautiful instruments!

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Ryan King Knoxville, Tennessee

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