Kjetil Kleven Norway

Kjetil Kleven's PRS

I was on holiday in New York City with my family. It was 4th of July a couple of years back I visited a couple of guitar shops in Manhattan. In both shops I asked the same question. “If you don’t look at the price and don’t look at used/vintage guitars, what guitar would be the best you have to offer.” Both shops picked the same favorite and it was the PRS P22. In fact, I was very curious about PRS guitars, so I was keen on trying them. The guitars really exceeded my expectations and when being presented as the deal of the day in Ludlow Guitars, I ended up walking out in the extreme hot (106 degrees) temperature with a brand new PRS P22, in Blue Crab Blue finish. It now serves as my number one guitar in my Norwegian rock-n’-roll band. My other guitars, also of renowned brands, are left as spares. This instant love seems to be my love for life when it comes to guitars. Thanks to my wife (my real love for life) for pushing me to buy it.

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