Marco Pera Cooper City, Florida

Marco Pera

My name is Marco Pera from South Florida. I am 19 years old and a proud, proud, player of a 1985 model PRS guitar. It’s unlike any other guitar I have ever played. How does a young gun like myself acquire such an axe in the first place you may ask? I would be robbing the guitar of its lore if I didn’t start it right from the beginning, so here’s how it went down:

My father has owned this guitar for over 25 years, long before I was even thought of. Prior to owning it, my dad already had his money saved for a Gold top Gibson Les Paul. But one fateful day at a Guitar Center in Jersey he saw this beautiful, bright red PRS guitar. He asked the shop owner what guitar is that? “Oh that’s one of those new Paul Reed Smith guitars.” My dad was entranced, but did not buy it quite yet. His heart was set on the Les Paul. But as fate, God, karma, whatever you believe would have it, one night he woke up from perhaps the most prophetic dream. His subconscious propelled images into his head of him playing that same PRS at such a virtuosic level, a level that he describes as “a lot better than he was.” There was no question as to what must be done.

The next day he went back to Guitar Center and purchased that PRS at the very affordable price of 1,500 dollars. Now for the next two decades he played this guitar, and it was everything he dreamed of. I remember as a small child looking at the guitar in wonder and in my mind pretending like I was my rockstar dad, playing like him.

Now the next part of the story may be hard to believe, but bear with me. My dad played worship at his church weekly. Wednesday nights he would lead worship with the Youth Group. One night however, one of the staff decided not to do his job in locking the door to the building after the service. My father returns to the room only to find his PRS guitar gone, stolen. My father was devastated like the rest of my family was. I remember the day like it was yesterday. I was about 6 or 7 years old, and my dad was on the computer looking at guitars being sold locally in an attempt to find the guitar, my mother explaining to me what had happened. For a long year, my father had lost hope of ever retrieving the guitar. But one day, a woman knocked on our door. “Hello, did you have a guitar stolen from you?” My father responded “Yes, about a year ago.” And the woman goes on to explain that it was her son who stole the guitar, and that she was there to make amends and apologize on her son’s behalf. So finally, the woman pulls out my fathers PRS guitar, and my dad was in shock. It had returned to him. Our whole family was overjoyed.

So when the time would come for me to live out my father’s legacy at age 12, and start learning how to play the guitar, that guitar was waiting for me. Waiting for me to be worthy of picking it up. As the years went by, my father passed on the guitar to me. And it is unlike any other guitar I have ever played. My father and I call it “Excalibur”, and rightly so. That guitar has been on tour with me throughout the country, and I wouldn’t have any other guitar. So that’s my story of how I acquired my guitar that is in my picture. PRS guitars are the greatest guitars in the world, I will proudly represent them always.

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