Mark Gettemeyer

Mark G PRS

Coming from a modest background, I never could afford a decent guitar as a kid. I spent my teen years playing pawn shop specials and lower end guitars that never fretted correctly, had lousy intonation and really just slurped a lot of the joy out of playing. Being a huge and long-time fan of Rush, once I got my career established I found my way to PRS as Alex Lifeson was playing them in the 90’s. My custom24 was built in 2004 and is a standard issue guitar (not custom) in Vintage Yellow. It remains my favorite go-to guitar - it’s had no issues, the finish on the bridge is getting affected by my hand resting on it when I play, and there are very small dings in it here and there, but it has made playing every bit as enjoyable as I knew it could be. It is a trusted companion and, as it was my first well-crafted guitar, it will forever hold a place in my studio; never to be traded or sold. Thanks for taking the time to put so much love, conviction and passion into your instruments - it makes a huge difference!

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