Matt D. Virginia, USA

Matt D.

Not much of a big or fancy story, but still a personal one either way: I started playing guitar around Sophomore year of high school and absolutely idolized Tim Mahoney of 311. The effects, the grooves, the punk, the rock, the metal, the clean, all of these sounds he was able to get out of one guitar. This is something that turned me on to PRS because of the versatility, and the beauty, of a single instrument. Sadly, being a poor high school student at the time, I couldn’t afford the most fancy model, but I was still able to land a gorgeous Custom 24 SE that I still shred on today and still sounds and looks amazing. I don’t think I can ever play or pick up another ax that isn’t a PRS anymore and feel the same way I do when I pick up mine. Only time (and finances) can tell how many more and what kind of other PRS guitars I will own. Thanks, everyone!

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