Mike G.

SE Bernie Marsden

I’d headed past Manchester, back over the winding, undulating road that is the Snake Pass and headed into Sheffield. I wasn’t there to buy but return a faulty guitar by another manufacturer. I looked on the walls for something that took my fancy - as I always do - but the good stuff was out of my price range. The owner told me they had a PRS SE Bernie Marsden in the back that had just arrived. I’d heard good things about this guitar but, being new out, could never find it in stock so it passed me by. The guitar came fresh out the box in tune and perfectly set up. A good start! I fell in love even before plugging it in. The neck was perfect, frets where silky smooth and the build quality was just perfect The whole guitar looked stunning. I plugged it into an amp and sat there playing with a smile on my face. I’d been searching for years for a good singlecut and now I had found it.

The guitar, referred to simply as ‘The Bernie’, has been my main guitar for a few years now and will be for many years to come. The quality is such that when I come to buy my next guitar, PRS will be my first port of call!

Of course, I’ve made a few small changes to it, but that’s because it’s MY PRS!

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