Nehru K. NYC, USA

Nehru K.

I purchased my first PRS guitar in 1996, a Custom 22. I was amazed at the quality, tone and ease of playing this guitar and, all these years later, I still am. On Labor Day 2014 I fell backwards trying to jump a fence. Because I’m left-handed, I used that hand to brace my fall into a concrete sidewalk (I play guitar right-handed). I sustained a pretty bad injury that eventually healed but it ended my ability to play keyboards. I thought my guitar-playing days might be over too! After my hand healed, I tried playing my guitars again. Gradually through a process of elimination, I began to realize that my three non-PRS guitars were aggravating the injury. However, my Custom 22 did not. In fact, it was like therapy and I felt no discomfort at all. Since then I’ve tried countless other guitars, but I’ve only purchased three more PRS guitars (Custom 22s and a Hollowbody II). I can’t explain why these guitars worked out for me, but PRS has saved my instrumental music career! Thanks much PRS!!!

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