Oscar Björk Sweden

Oscar Björk's PRS

I grew up in northern sweden in Byviken, population: 30. Our neighbours were mainly working in the paper industry and enjoyed snow mobiles and hunting. Not many guitars around there. But in our house, my parents incuraged us kids to play all kinds of instruments - jamming with the stereo playing vinyl Santana records. My father made sure that I would know what kind of guitar made the warm, sensitive and full sounds, and since then I have longed for my own PRS. My God what a guitar i longed for! It would sing the cries of the soul and speak for the heart when words wouldn’t do. I waited 15 years before I could afford just that guitar! Now it has been two years since the day i drove those 200km for it, my PRS Santana III. The wait I started with my dad 17 years ago is over, and I am now proud to include a part of PRS in our family. Me and my wife are now having our first kid this march, and I solemnly swear our home will be a home of music!

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