Peter K. Maryland, USA

Peter K.

A few years ago I had the pleasure of attending the PRS experience with my Dad, Jim. We had an amazing day and it was filled with many great artists but the musician that really stood out to me was Mark Tremonti. As a kid I was taken aback by his serious chops and his ability to shred but I could also tell there something more mysterious and musical going on with how he played that separated him from the shredders of the classic rock age. That was the point I decided that I needed to really make music a part of my life and I fell in love with the Tremonti Signature model. Knowing it was expensive but not having a real concept of financial limitations I told my dad “The only thing I am going to ask Santa for for Christmas is the Tremonti signature model.”

I read the PRS catalogue every day from the experience up to Christmas Eve hoping that Santa Claus would catch the hint and hook me up. To my amazement there was one long rectangular box under the tree that year and inside was a sleek black case and the guitar I had been dreaming about for months. I spent about a good hour just staring at it, from the classic PRS birds to the beautiful rosewood fretboard to the shiny pickups, before I actually felt like I had built up enough courage to play it. My dad saw my reaction to the gift and said that Santa had also left two tickets to the upcoming creed concert where we could see Mr. Tremonti in action. I was thrilled to get to see Mark again, but little did I know that my dad had contacted Ms. Fowler at PRS and sent the pictures of me on Christmas morning, asking if there was any way for us to get the guitar signed by Mark. Not only was she able to get us in touch with Mark’s production office to get it signed, but we were shocked to receive two backstage passes for the meet and greet with Mark himself.

After the concert (which was epic) we got to go backstage and I had the pleasure to shake hands with Mr. Tremonti and tell him how much of an impact he had on me. He put the cherry on top by picking up my guitar and giving it a quick shred before signing it and telling me “Now it has my name on it, you better play it well.” Stunned by a perfect day I walked out of the backstage area and we drove home. To this day it is still my favorite guitar and I continue to only play with PRS products in my live performances and recording settings. The quality of every instrument is otherworldly and I often rave about PRS so much to my friends that they go and pick one up as well. But the real influential part of PRS for me, is the fact that Ms. Fowler took time out of her busy day to help some young kid meet his guitar hero; and forever hook him on to a very enjoyable and very expensive part of his life. The communal aspect of the company is why I keep coming back as I do not feel like another customer, I really do feel like a part of the PRS family. Thanks to all of you at PRS and please keep doing what you do best!

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