Raoul C. Norwich UK

Raoul C.

I brought my first PRS when I was 15 years old, which was 20 years ago. It was a PRS standard in black. I used to go and watch a local guitarist who also worked in the local music shop. He used to play PRS and I had never heard of them but his sound live was incredible and they looked like a work of art. One gig I spoke to him and he told me to pop in the shop and try one. So I did and WOW they just blew me away so I just had to purchase one and there it was a 2nd hand PRS in black which sounded so nice and looked just as good as well. So I brought it and it took me a year to pay my dad back from gigs, but it was worth every penny.

There ya go from that day on I’ve been a PRS lover. I still own my PRS standard, plus a Custom 22 10 top, and a Dave Navarro. In my opinion, PRS are the best guitars in the world.

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