Ray N. USA


My wife and I visited a guitar show about 20 years ago in Syracuse, NY. I picked up a blue PRS Custom 24 and ended up playing on it for quite some time - it just played and sounded amazing. Even my wife, who is not a guitar player, commented on how beautiful the instrument was. With both of us just out of school there was no budget, so I had to put the instrument back in the stand. Three years ago I visited John Mann’s Guitar Vault in Bedford, NH. The plan was to trade my Gibson SG in for a PRS SE model. John’s collection is truly amazing, and while I was trying out a few SE models, my wife spotted a blue Custom 24. She immediately remembered the one from NY, and asked me to try it. I thought that was a rather cruel request as I had not contemplated buying a core model, but obviously obliged. It played just like the one from 20 years ago - just amazing. Even more amazing was my wife who said - “let’s get that one - you’ve worked hard all these years, you deserve it”. That day the blue Custom 24 came home and I’ve been playing it almost every day ever since. And we made new friends with John and Roxanne Mann, who are both fantastic people. I had the privilege to meet Paul Reed Smith at their place a few times now, which is a great experience! His passion for quality and instruments is truly inspirational.

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