Rick Swan Fairfax, Vermont

Rick Swan's PRS

I have wanted a PRS from the very first time I ever saw one. But I never let myself literally even pick one up, let alone play it. I knew I could never afford one so I didn’t want to torture myself. Every year at Christmas I asked for really just one thing: a PRS guitar. Ever since I saw the Zach Myers semi hollow body I fell in love with it. That and my wife and I are huge fans of Shinedown and Zach. This year for Christmas my wife decided to do a not so little “twelve days of Christmas” scavenger hunt for me with every day having me run out to the wood shed or decode something in Binary.. yes she is just that creative. Finally on Christmas day after a few very tough clues, a large box showed up on the couch for me to open. I suspected I may get a new guitar from the size of the box, but was completely blown away to find out that the entire family gotten together to chip in to buy me the guitar I always wanted. Even more surprised that it was a color I had never seen.. even MORE surprised to see it had been signed by Zach on the back of the head. I was speechless… by far the best present I have ever gotten. What amazed me about the guitar was that it plays and sounds even better than I ever expected.

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Adam Schultz Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

Adam Schulz PRS

Ray N. USA