Ro S. Melbourne, Australia

Ro S

It all started for me back in High School when my obsession for guitar had me practicing/performing and writing music at every chance i had. I can remember being on the search for guitars that were more than the average instrument, I wanted the best and I was mad on finding out what that was. I was turned onto PRS through conversations with my guitar teacher and other guitar loving friends, and after learning about them I began to dig deeper where I remember the imagery of some of the models I had found online blowing me away. The love of the classic PRS design and the headstock design as i remember was well and truly set during this High School period.

Later I began to see them more and more through watching artists such as Karnivool, Sikth, Linkin Park and Antiskeptic, and as my career progressed with offers of more and more sessional guitar work with various artists the moment came where i needed a world class instrument to keep up with my needs. I had the thought… What is the best instrument I can get? coz I need that one. I began to research and try out guitars that had been recommended to me. And finally I was led to a local PRS dealer 1 of 2 in my city, I had a good chat with the owner of the store and played some of the PRS guitars he had in stock, All immaculate and a joy to play. I knew i found what i wanted.

I took home the catalog and stared at it trying to plan a way to raise the funds. After all, I was pursuing a career in music…and we all know what that means. The goal was set. I worked out what specs i needed and got the quote from my dealer, I made sure that I got the best of the best for what I could (the birds, the 10 top, wide thin neck profile, fixed bridge, the beautiful blue matteo color) I went all out because i knew that this investment is going to be my new friend for life, my work partner, my paintbrush for my own musical endeavors and a source of inspiration on my journey as a guitarist.

I began to save, I put aside any and every dollar i could towards it, and saved for the better part of a year. When my band mates ate out after rehearsals, i bought along sandwiches, where my friends went out on weekends…I stayed in, where there was the potential to waste money…i avoided it, and I didn’t upgrade my clothes for the longest time. I pinched every penny i had because i knew the greater goal.

Finally, I had enough to put down a deposit and the order was made. A very exciting time and a proud moment of reaching a goal. The waiting game begins. The wait time I had back in 2009 was roughly 6 months. And I HATE the waiting game. But knowing that the guitar is going to be put through the most rigorous process for the best possible instrument puts its all into perspective. FINALLY. the call came in at a very unexpected moment. “Your guitar is here”. OOOOMMMMGGGG STOP EVERYTHING.

I went down to the store as excited as Ive ever been. Finally the moment Ive been working towards for what felt like a lifetime was here. I was presented the case and opened it up. Unbelievable, the guitar is flawless and stunning… Striking color, light weight, and plays like a dream. I left the store and went home where I just spent all my time playing and staring at my new guitar. My band was impressed when I took it in to rehearsals, and everywhere i went with the guitar, the comments on how nice it was flowed towards me. From that moment and still to this day people are struck by the guitar and want to know all about it. It has become part of my identity in my music as ‘I Built The Sky’ and a source of endless comments and questions on my youtube video’s and social media.

I am more obsessed with my PRS guitar than ever before, It has kept up with my crazy demands with no exception. I work this thing hard…I use the entire range of the instrument with different tunings and tensions, I move around a lot when i play and I play hard, bending the guitar around at times, i don’t modify my style to accommodate my guitar, I play with feeling and there is no compromise on that, BUT my PRS takes on anything i throw at it effortlessly and flawlessly. I have the perfect instrument for my needs, and I can not thank the PRS team enough for being so accommodating and friendly with me after becoming a PRS endorsee last year. It is an absolute honor to be a PRS Aritist, and I feel extremely proud to represent a company that has been a huge part of my career and my life since getting my guitar in 2009. Looking forward to bringing out my next album this year, it will feature ONLY my PRS guitar in a large range of different contexts, and I’m very excited to let people hear my new songs when they are finished.

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