Robin Bassett United Kingdom

Robin Bassett's PRS

Turning 40 my wife asked what I’d dream of. Straight away I said a PRS guitar and to my surprise she said she’d buy me one! At the time there was no PRS USA dealer in Northern Ireland so I wrote to PRS aficionado Dave Burrluck to ask his advice - as I was going to purchase via mail order. He kindly wrote me a letter back detailing all the models he’s tried and tested, he also copied the reply to Gavin Mortimer of Headline Music who put me in contact with the wonderful Peach Guitars. Gavin and John, of Peach, flew me to Peach to try a “wall” of guitars! I came home with a beautiful Custom 22 Artist (with a Brazilian Rosewood fretboard!) having received the best customer service ever - PERIOD! Needless to say I will always play PRS, my kids will get SE’s to learn with and I will always buy from Peach!

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