Ron Egatz New York City

Ron Egatz PRS

I chased this PRS guitar for almost 20 years. It’s a 1993 prototype McCarty with a vibrato bridge; very rare! It’s similar to the gold top McCarty vibrato built for Robben Ford, but made famous by David Grissom. Since it left the Stevensville factory, it’s been owned by at least four other owners according to my research. There were times it was put up for sale and I was unaware, and there were times it was for sale but the asking price was many thousands above what I was willing to pay. A couple of years ago, I saw it up on the block again, made an offer, and got very fortunate. She plays incredibly well, and has a set of electronics and tone unlike any other PRS I’ve ever played. When I play her for more than a few minutes, it’s obvious why Mr. Grissom stuck with that gold top for so many years. Like Grissom’s, the neck feels different from the standard Wide Fat neck carve, but it’s nowhere near as small as the DGT model. The PRS bridge not only still works flawlessly, returning to pitch after bending, but the through-the-body stringing seems to give this guitar a more breathy voice than my other McCartys. It’s almost like there’s a plate reverb built inside the body. The tone is big, but not overblown. My ‘93 McCarty prototype holds a unique position in my working collection of PRS guitars. I feel fortunate she’s finally mine after a two-decade pursuit.

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