Sammy Ash New York

Sammy Ash

I met Paul in 1985 first on the phone while I had pneumonia and then in person. I am very proud to say we were the first PRS dealer in the country. I am also very proud to be able to call him my friend. I am also proud to say I have designed many PRS guitars in the past when I was the active buyer for the Company, then I got kicked upstairs. I am not just a fan of PRS, I am a collector as well. Here is a list of a few of the guitars in my collection and I still need more…

1 – 1985 #4 Custom 24 Serial # 5 0004 // 
2. 1984 Pre-Production Prototype in blue Perl (No Serial Number) //
3. 1987 Japanese Standard 22 (Never went into production - No Serial Number & signed by everyone at Paul’s 40 Birthday Party) //
4. 1996 Custom 24 Brazilian //
5. 1990 PRS LE Award Series Hollow Top Custom 24 (#4 of 20) //
6. 1991 Artist Series #6 //
7. 1986 Signature Series #2 Custom 24 (Signed SIG Series #2 Sam Ash!) //
8. 1985 Custom 24 Serial # 5 0006 //
and not shown in my office…a Pearl White Prototype Bass, Limited Run Black CE22 serial #1, plus all the go-to guitars I have at home like my S2 Custom.

By the way, there is no coincidence that Paul’s first born is named Sam!!!

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